Jorge Jaramillo

Jorge Jaramillo


I produce House/Electronic/Pop music for "House Head" of the planet. My album "Girlz Rock Da House Music" is exactly that! 14 songs with 7 different female artists from around the globe. I am an award winning music producer and the creator of the hit song Shiny Disco Balls.


Maverick Who Da Funk producer Jorge Jaramillo follows international hit single Shiny Disco Balls with long awaited debut album Girlz Rock Da House Music.

Following international success as one half of Who Da Funk, on January 29th DJ and producer Jorge Jaramillo presents his debut artist album, ‘Girlz Rock Da House Music’ on own label Lectro Chik.

As the title may suggest, the album is all about the erm, ladies and features a host of female muses:

“The audience love what I play,” he says, “I make it a great clubbing experience for everyone, especially the girls. I can get dirty in my set, but women don’t really dig that all night, so I end up playing for them, and that is a good thing.”

Setting the stakes with opener ‘Numb’ (originally performed by Linkin Park), Jorge has created a widescreen ode to the worst elements of a relationship, with vocals provided by resident Subliminal diva Shawnee Taylor. Unashamedly commercial, the production is ambitious and the song a clever combination of ballad stylings and dancefloor motion. It is reprised for the ‘Robotixxx Dub’ where Jorge strips away the decoration and heads straight for a grimy dancefloor.

Having discovered Colombian electroclash band Bloody Marys on MySpace, the band sent Jorge the acapellas to ‘New Love’, which re-emerged as the sharp, peak -time weapon featured on the album. Attitude-laced Spanish vocals tussle with a tearing electro riff, slightly out of time metal sheets of noise and ‘Burnin’- style squelches.

A similar thing happened when Jorge got in touch with another Colombian electroclash band, Atomic Brain, who, with Jorge’s remake of ‘Telephono Roto’ (Broken Telephone) have enjoyed constant airplay on Colombia’s major radio stations. The track is Jorge’s own take on punk funk and electro, filtered through his love of house, disco and the lighter touches in music.

Jaramillo is clearly a fan of the spiky and the fluffy in equal measures, recognising the musical worth of sweeter, sparkling instrumentation and production, clearly evident in his loving cover of classic 80s club track ‘I.O.U’ by Freez. Jorge is the first to admit his premiere musical target is the ladies (the men will follow), and the track oozes a confident feminine touch.

‘The DJs Girl’ takes a decidedly open, modern day ‘French Kiss’ approach to female sexual pleasure over a deep, dark and colourful track that wouldn’t sound out of place on the floor at Twilo or The Sound factory. Following this is Jorge’s ‘Electro Rock’ mix of ‘New Love’ which sparks memories of eighties electropunkpop combined with a more underground Girls Aloud. Penultimate track ‘Stars Crashing Down’ could work alongside tracks by Digitalism, Coburn or Black Strobe, and the
album closes with the second 'Robotixxx Dub' , this time for ‘Dreamin’, an intricate and intense strobelight excursion.

Jorge Jaramillo grew up in Miami and lives in New Jersey. He was an avid guitarist and AC/DC fan until he heard the dance music holy grail that is Planet Rock by Africa Bambaata. Jorge says, “I threw the guitar in the closet, bought a mixer and scratched records with a nickel on the needle, learning and developing my skills.” In the heady, laid back atmosphere of Miami, Jorge became a battle DJ playing Miami Bass/ booty
music with the group Vicious Bass. In 1989, Vicious Bass’ first hit ‘Shake That Thang’ was quickly added to regular rotation on Power 96, Vicious Bass’ debut album “Back To Haunt You” Cheetah Records reached Gold. This was his first taste of
fame: “I just thought, this is it,” he says, “had I not been a success at an early age, I may have ended up in gangs and jail. I loved getting into trouble, but DJing soon became such a passion that I no longer had time to find trouble”.

In 2002 international dance anthem Shiny Disco Balls embarked on an eight week residency in the UK Top 40 , earned him a coveted performance on Top Of The Pops and cover features in I-DJ and DJ magazines.

Shiny Disco Balls was the first house track to ever gain daytime playlisting on America’s WKTU and won Jorge also two Miami Winter Music Conference awards, one for ‘best house track’ and the other for ‘best underground track.

Jorge has worked with Shakira, J-Lo and Cristina Aguilera directed his own music video and is producing and directing a film about the joy of house music and the difficulties of growing up titled “Leland Made 7”. He will also be producing albums for Bloody Marys and Atomic Brain, DJing at the Miami WMC and touring with Erick Morillo and the Subliminal family.

Jorge insists that he’s all about a no ego rule and strives to be totally accessible to the fans through his myspace site. Girls Rock Da House Music is out January 29th on Lectro Chick Records.

1) Numb – Jorge jaramillo ft Shawnee Taylor
2) New Love (Original) – Jorge Jaramillo ft Bloody Marys
3) Telefono Roto – J


Shoot Up

Written By: Jorge Mario Jaramillo, Alexandra Marin

hello, is any body in there, can you hear me, can you move your lips yeah. dont stop now, don't chicken out, don't stop now, just strike a big grin, keep it going, good work i'm proud son, chalk one up cause, tonight they're all gone. Just watch it burn up, your little country yeah it sucks, you got no luxury, no MTV to see, don't worry 'bout who dies, don't they know that we're right, private Rudolph go back and shoot em'. why don't you go and shoot up, blow up their homes hoorah,dropping another one on ya, getting petrolium for us why don't you go and shoot up, blow up their ish hoorah,dropping another one on ya, we're gonna win now.

maybe i can say what you see, feel no pain for those that bleed, show you democracy, here's another bomb for you.

Mother's are crying, so many dying, why is there no love, let's keep on trying, trying, trying.


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Set List

2 hour dj set, with the possibility of a live P.A. from any of the following female vocalists, Abigail Bailey (UK), Shawnee Taylor(World), Petia(Bulgaria), Sylvia(Italy),Atomic Brain(Colombia),Paula Barrientos(Colombia).