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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | MAJOR

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | MAJOR
Band R&B Soul




"Interview with Jori"

Tha daily pursuit stopped with up and coming artist, Jori and introduce her to the world - The Daily Pursuit


?Jori began her singing career at the age of 9. Her talent was discovered by one of her peers who heard her singing at school to herself when all of a sudden her classmate said "you can sing". Ever since that day her dreams of one day becoming a lawyer were put on the back burner for her obvious new passion. Shortly after Jori's discovery of her new talent she began to write.

Jori enjoys singing R&B, but is not limited to that by far. In the future she hopes to record music that is diverse and has no limitations. Jori thanks God for her gift and gives all credit to him. Another person that she gives credit to is her mother. Her mother has stayed by her side ever step of the way. Quite naturally she is also her manager. Jori has participated in numerous talent shows and won many awards. Who knows what the future holds for her. One thing we know for sure is it’s gonna be bright. - StreetMuzikRadio

"Artist on the rise"

Tonight I had the chance to get a glimpse of the future not like the George Jetson type, more of a quick fast forward lol. I got to interview a artist on the rise by the name of Jori (FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER @loveJori lol), and it was so worth the time I can only say one thing I love my job! The Atlanta native isn’t even legal to by her own drinks yet but you’d swear she was ahead of her time, the term old soul definitely apply’s. After getting past her striking looks and having to ask questions that I stared at blankly for a good 15 sec that felt like mins I realized one thing she’s a fool lol, apparently pretty girls do have senses of humor lol. Skipping past all the introductions I hit her with the hard questions.
” Where are you from, in Atlanta?” lol ,”I’m from South West Atlanta” or as I call it the S.W.A.T.’s . During the interview I’m stuck watching the songstress doing her nails which was pretty entertaining between the smart comments and and rebuttals and the sound of a air gun practically drying off her nails.
“Tell me something that people would know about Jori.” I ask to see her look and laugh with a quick response “I’m actually pretty funny and goofy” which is a understatement I have to say lol. I had to catch myself to keep from just randomly conversing with her about random things and do my job multiple times. I did hold my composure though, while talking shit between my little inquiries to get to know Jori I found myself having to rearrange and find new questions and it was stumping me to why. I mean I’m the guy with the questions thats kinda what I do, I have questions and I try to find the answers but the question I had seem simplistic and lacked the depth that were necessary to really dive for what I wanted. Sooo I said f*ck it and went with the basic’s “who are some of your musical influences” and then I saw it Jori made the hmmm lemme think face and thats what I wanted to see, I was sooo planning on judging her musical taste like I was Ebert & Roeper expecting to hear the current pop sensations like so many other artist name off.
*inserts foot into mouth* -_-
“I really love old school music you know Earth, Wind, and FIRE…Chaka Khan…” and then it hit me she’s definitely a Differenter and yes I had to coin a word from Travis Porter lol. When I asked how old Jori was in the beginning of the interview I got a laugh and a “I’m not legal, not legal like I can’t buy alcohol lol” after which I had a preconceived notion of how she’d be and like i said insert foot into mouth. Now with interest peaked I ask ” how would you describe your music, do you have a sound that you go for?”…In this pause I had to revert to annoying Dlo and poke at her serious tone trying to think of a response lol, to which I got a firm lol stfu and “old school with a new style you know, like I said I really like old music”.
With this being said I had to ask, “Who are your Top 5 favorite artist?”…this is the part where I watched as Jori went into the the deep recesses of her thought process, which was no problem due to it giving me another chance to once over her nail skills and re-realize how hot she is, #DontJudgeMe lol. After the brief intermission she responds slowly trying to make sure she doesn’t leave out anyone ” Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross and Kim Burrell…and Jazmine Sullivan I know she hasn’t been out long enough to be considered for something like a top 5 but she has a great voice. An thats really what I judge a great singer by. Like I really love Whitney she has an amazing voice “. A line up I can definitely feel if you don’t have a playlist with one of those artist I highly advise deleting your library and starting over again lol. ”So who would you want to collab with one day and why, it doesn’t matter who.” and her goes my musical bank shot ” Either Prince or Andre 3000 definitely cause they’re just so creative and I love there music!” , at this point I’m both high fiving and simultaneously getting ready to get on one knee lol.
With the interview sadly coming to a close I pull out my finale question ” if you could sum up Jori in as few words as possible what would they be” I should have known from the interview so far this was a pointless question lol. ” I don’t know I can’t be put under a restriction in describing me…” she said lowkey what I had thought the moment I asked it, so I tell her I have a good one dont worry. Finally getting her to think I wonder what he’s about to say like I had been the whole convo so far, when she ask what is it I respond with “If I could sum up Jori I say you were just to Complex….” - Swisser Lifestyle World press


Still working on that hot first release.



Born and raised in Atlanta, GA.; Jori is an extremely gifted singer and song writer who's very comfortable is the recording studio. She's received vocal training under the guidance of the phenomenal Robin Brown who has coached other great artist such as Beyonce, Usher, and Monica. She's also worked with great producers such as Grammy Award winner Anthony Dent(Survivor- Destiny's Child) and Multi-Platinum producer and songwriter Cainon Lamb(Let it go- Keyshia Cole, Need U bad & Holdin U Down- Jazmine Sullivan, Everything to me- Monica). Her sound has been greatly influenced by such industry powerhouses like Aretha Franklin, Whitney, Stevie Wonder & Donny Hathaway. Jori has also performed at various events such as Apache Cafe', Dreams N 2 Reality,& 255 Tapas Lounge , just to name a few. She's also done local theatre where she portrayed the Virgin Mary in "The Promised One", & Cleopatra in "The Last Potluck" both were musicals. Currently Jori is in the process of recording new original songs and fine-tuning her band.