Jori Costello

Jori Costello


Not your ordinary folk singer. Costello delivers foot stomping original fusions of jazz, folk rock and blues. The eloquence and vocal range of Barbara Streisand to the edgy guitar pounding rhythms of Ani DiFrancco; Costello's brand of JAZZ FOLK defines it all.


Jazz Folk ~ that's what I call it! Or if you prefer a longer description, Unordinary Folk with a Jazz Flair. Either way, I promise not to put you to sleep. From The Bitter End in New York City, to Viva La Frida in Tampa, Florida and Atlanta's , Eddie's Attic, in between, I'm ready for your town. I'm bringing my "Home Grown" Fayetteville Funky Fun Folk Rock to your neighborhood.


"HomeGrown" @ 2001
"Omni Peace CD" War Games
"To The Aid of The Nation" Beautiful World
"Band Together" Past the Pain

Set List

Costello normally does two 45 to 50 minute sets consisting of a combination of originals, covers and new songs co-written with Angela Edge.

Originals: Inertia, The Way You Move, Trust What I Know, War Games, Easier Said Than Done...

Jori's forte is rearranging old favorites with funky twists from Barbara Streisand's, "Evergreen" to Stings', "Fields of Gold".

Covers include music from reknown artist such as Tracy Chapman, Incubus, Paula Cole, Joni Mitchell, Dar Williams and the Beatles as well as songs by great local singer-songwriters.