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Afro hip hop, a mix of African music and hip hop beat. A sound never heard before in the USA.


African hip hop becomes live again with the help of a new artist name Jorrix. The Afro hip hop star from Cameroon made is big debut performance in 2004 at the Kora award in South Africa (African music award) where he was invited as a guest appearance. Among the performer was Ludacris who was that night winner of best male hip hop artist, Missi Elliot winner of best female hip hop artist, and Angie Stone who also won best female R&B artist. After a stunning performance that night, Jorrix becomes the best Afro hip hop artist in Africa and Euope. Noticed by MTV Africa, Jorrix participate at the launching of MTV Africa by performing at the launching of MTV Base Africa concert in Nigeria with Ludacris and some of the best African artist like 2face.
For the last 2 years, Jorrix got the chance to be a guest appearance in Africa and Europe, and have open shows for some of the biggest hip hop stars like Will Smith, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, etc…
Jorrix released his debut album in Cameroon in May 2006. He sold more then 200,000 copies the first week, witch have never been done in Cameroon by any artist before. Jorrix becomes the most popular African hip hop artist in Africa and Europe and one of the unique artist, producer, writer, who has a mix of African music and hip hop and also raps in French and English.

Jorrix was born in 1981 in New York City. His real name is Alexandre Joris Yemeck originally from Cameroon in Africa. His mother was working for the Cameroon embassy in New York at the time. Few months after his birth, his mother took him back to Cameroon where he went to Elementary and High School.

In 1998, he starts acting in small films and plays. That is when he really discovered that entertainment was what he wanted to do. In the difficult life of Africa, he struggle going to school and working to help feed his family. Because of this hard life, he was forced to drop out of High School to work as a full time actor.

In 1999, in search of a better life, he decided to fly back to the US, hoping for a better financial situation for him and his family. At 17 years old with a big family left behind in Africa, in the fast life of America, by him self in Washington DC, he was obligated to work hard and get use to the system. While he was trying to find his way to Hollywood, he fell in love with Hip-Hop music. After learning from some of his favorite rap artists like 50 Cent, he decided to make Hip-Hop his own.

From Africa, Europe, to America, in English and French, the unique style, music, and look that he is bringing in the Entertainment business is something that no one else as ever done before. He is the creator of the “Afro-Hip-Hop style” which is a mixed of African music and Hip-Hop beat. And for the first time, he is introducing “Afro-Hip-hop” to America and the rest of the world.


What's my name

Written By: Alexandre Yemeck

Chorus: What’s my name? JORRIX
Say my name! JORRIX

Verse 1:
Man turn around, new king in town I just got crown
Hear my sound is the first round I got found
Get down and touch the ground

JORRIX, that’s my name, I came strait from the motherland
Country of the wood chain, yeah you can call me woodman

Fame that’s what I’m looking for, my fans that’s who I’m rapping for
My name must be heard more, that’s how I row, with my flow

Is time for us to make a hit, I came in the game with my beat
What you hear is my music cause I’m trying to be me

Verse 2:
Stay still, it’s just me, stand on your feet, I ain’t here to beef
You fill me, I know you heard me

I’m the best for all these years I’ve been bless
I don’t stress, don’t take no mess, I got a vest, Y’all won’t get thru my chess

She wants to know if I look good, he wants to know if I wear jewels
Yeah I look good; I don’t wear jewels, I wear wood

Yeah man that’s my style; I love to see my self shine
In my life when I rhyme cause I’m trying to get mine

Verse 3:
I’m here fools, who let the African beast loose
Cause now I’m here to change the rules
Yeah man; cause I did pay my duos

If y’all want to know the true, in the jungle we don’t were no shoes
I role up on you with my crew, all you’ll see is black and blue

I’m a stroll up on you with your nine, and I’m a drink up all your wine
I mess up with your woman mind, cause shorty looks fine

If you don’t know shot your mouth, I snick up on you like a mouse
In your house on your couch, in your bedroom with your spouse


Jorrix released is first single "What's my name?" in May 2006 from his first CD "The African Beast". The single's video became #1 on MTV Base Africa, International radio and TV and USA online radio.
Jorrix first performed the song at the 2004 Kora award in South Africa where he was new artist guest invited.

Set List

Jorrix can perform up to 1 hour with a repertoir of 15 songs:
1 - What's my name?
2 - Afro style
3 - I'm back again
4 - The way she moves
5 - Everywhere I go
6 - Tell me something
7 - Sweet mother
8 - They're watching
9 - come back
10 - We need our time
11 - Lets dance
12 - On va dancer (french rap)
13 - Pourquoi la haine (french rap)
14 - Shake them things
15 - Talk to me Father (french rap)