Jorunn Hodne

Jorunn Hodne

 Stavanger, Rogaland, NOR

Catchy country designed to make your rush hour exiting. Never a dull moment when traveling to work. The songs take you through a different journey. You’ll be home in a blink of an eye.



I’m a singer/songwriter from Stavanger Norway and I’ve been singing my whole life even though I had to fight my older siblings to get attention when all the instruments were taken. I grew up in a big musical family where both my parents were part time musicians. My father was the lead singer in a prison band and my mother was a professional funeral singer. So I have many rare pictures burned in to my memory while waiting for my mum behind a tombstone.

Been making songs for ten years and performing for fifteen. My profession as a journalist within culture and entertainment finally made me realize that I wanted to switch side. I had my own stories to tell.

I’ve been playing around for a while, done three albums, toured with my band in Norway. In between; studied jazz improvisation, co organized a big art festival Tou Camp, had a role in a theatre play, I even made it to the Norwegian Opera with that one.


My latest songs is a commitment to the country gender. Friends within the music business in Nashville lead me to producer Paul Moak, owner of the Smoakstack studio (Grammy-nominated/ASCAP award winner).

Also the TV series Nashville has been a great inspiration when I was writing the songs I recorded in Nashville.

The two singles that I recorded in the Smoakstack came out great, I decided to go back and do a whole album. Pre selling it made that possible. This time I went for Beaird Music Group. The producer Larry Beaird was recommended by sing and songwriter Jeff Cohen (Macy Gray) who also co wrote one of the songs on the album. Half of the songs are my own and Boots Ottestad (Robbie Williams and Tim Mc Graw) contributed with different kind of co writers on three of the other songs recorded.


I attacked this project with playfulness and got a group of disgustingly talented musicians who were ready and willing to make this crazy thing happen. We recorded 12 songs in six hours. Give it a thought; it’s ridiculous. But magic happened, and you can hear from the recordings that we had great fun in the studio. There is a good vibration and a feel good atmosphere in every tune.

The musicians includes: Larry Beaird on acoustic guitar, producer and owner of the recording studio Beaird Music Group. Michael Rhodes, bassist extraordinaire, winner of the Country Award price ‘Bassist of the year 2016’. And legendary  steel guitarist Dan Dugmore and electric guitarist Troy Lancaster. Up and coming Evan Hutchings on drums and David Dorn on keys. ​

These studio and session musicians are the best this gender can provide. A quick google shows their long list of credits on songs from artist such as Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Dolly Parton, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Kenny Rogers, Faith Hill, Willie Nelson, LeAnn Rimes, Emmylou Harris, Mark Knofler, Keith Urban, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, Lionel Richie, Hank Williams Jr., Sheryl Crow, John Fogerty, Merle Haggard, Cyndi Lauper, The Music Of Nashville Season 3 and 4, Tanya Tucker, Etta James, Delbert McClinton, Vince Gill, Elton John, Tammy Wynette, Dixie Chicks, Johhny Cash, Jace Everett, Joe Bonamassa, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley... I could go on forever.

Back in Norway we recorded the backing Vocals in Studio 110 with my very best friends and superb singers; Ingvill Bjorland, Gunhild Lie and Jorunn Hodne.


Never Mind

Written By: Jorunn Hodne


I nod my head and let you think
I'm in for everything you say
You speak highly of respect
Yet you’re the one
Who never shows mutual understanding
I know it so hard to empathize that’s why I'm telling you lies
You’re high on intellectualism, but low on spiritualism
I'm sorry but the truth is I’ll keep on telling you lies

Never. Never mind the narrow-minded people
They'll never know the truth

Not everything belongs out in the open
Not everything should be spoken of
I sense the outline of your context
And realized soon that in your state of mind
It’s hard to understand
You’re high on intellectualism
But low on spiritualism
I'm sorry but the truth is I’ll keep on telling you lies

Never. Never mind the narrow-minded people
They will never know the truth

You’re one of those birds of a feather
That flock together
I thought we had come further than this
But since you’ve never experienced
The things that I went through
You’re better off in the dark

Here She Goes Again

Written By: Jorunn Hodne & rapper Slim-B


here she goes again
she calculates the situation
then she makes her plan
on her behalf, I am impressed
it doesn't take her long
to get exactly what it is she wants

oh, here she goes again
lay back, enjoy the show
she knows exactly how
to mess around his brain
I'm amused by the sight of a man
swept of his feet, here she goes again

I never cease to wonder what she does
to make them drool just like little boys
in fact I think it's sad to see them act like that
I lose my faith and don't want to rely on them

you didn't know what hit you
before it's too late
desire has taken you
you want to be deceived
there's no turning back
you know that you are doomed
your eyes cry
take me and seduce me

she knows how to shape 'em
she knows how to mold 'em
she figures them out
she knows how to fake it
she knows how to make it
is it victory or defeat


My Uncle Louis - Single release 21.09.13
Move On - CD album released 8.09.12
Here She Goes Again - Single released 31.08.12
Broken Man - Single released 23.11.10
Trespassing - CD album released 23.05.10
Everybody else but me- Single released 08.03.08
Coming Home - Single released 01.01.08

Set List

This set list includes all the songs from Trespassing, released May 2010 and Move On, released September 2012. The concert last for about one hour, but can be extended if required.

Never Mind
Here She Goes Again
Moving On
People Come And Go
Feeling Free
Colorful World
Down That Road
Woman's Pride
Broken Man
Crimson Wave
Round and Round
In for pleasure
Coming Home
Everybody else but me
Fairy Fox
Bangkok connection
Language of love
In memory of