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"Great concert review of JORY NASH"

Jory Nash - Hugh's Room, Toronto, November 5, 2011


Putting on a trademark hat for the second set


"LC, I think you might dig him. Kinda clean-cut/polished folk. Make sense? Think Paul Simon...meets Gordon Lightfoot...meets Joni Mitchell. Incredible/unique voice and live performer...and wicked lyrics. He's a classy musician and full of integrity." - CW, giving me the introductory lowdown on Jory Nash, October 2009

"Jory Nash - he made me laugh, he made me cry and then he made me laugh again. Good times." - Jakki, post-show FB status update, November 5, 2011.

The two quotes above, are among a long list of reasons you need to get yourself to a Jory Nash show....for the music, the stories, and the fantastic post show feeling you take home with you. I've written about Jory Nash before, so this will be my second heaping of praise for his live performance. (read my previous blog from last fall here). I've actually had a hard time putting into words what I felt about this show. Sitting here several weeks following it, I wondered why that was and why I couldn't just pour my thoughts out as I normally do for these posts: direct brain to keyboard. Maybe because over the past year I've gotten a bit of a sense of who Jory Nash is and how that relates to what he puts out into the musical universe. I think he's "good people". From what I can glean, he is a real, genuine, stand-up guy and an artist in the best sense of the word. He is creative and limitlessly talented. And this is a life to him, and not just a business. So this post actually means something to me in that I want to get it right and more importantly...I want to get it "true". What I can say without question, right off the bat without further thought is this: I don't believe there was a single person in attendance who was not completely charmed by the man and the uniquely enjoyable show he put on. He's just got that quality in him that draws you in, you know?

As with the last show, he made his rounds to chat with people before things got started, and I did speak with him briefly. He made an excellent point about the venue, Hugh's Room, and how it is an important place for artists like himself. It's the Goldilocks solution really - not too big and not to small, but "just right" for an artist like Jory who has a loyal following requiring something larger than a small bar, but not too large as to lose the intimacy that a show like Jory's absolutely thrives on. Hugh's is a great venue that I really need to make a point of frequenting more often. - Lindsay's Music Musings

"Great Review for Jory Nash's Little Pilgrim"

Jory Nash: Little Pilgrim. When I listen to Little Pilgrim, Jory Nash’s seventh (very) full-length CD, I think of those classic folk-pop songs of the 1970s, written by Boz Scaggs, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, Jim Croce, and James Taylor. Each and every one of Little Pilgrim’s fifteen tracks stands firmly on its own two feet as a whole creation, its own hit. It reminds me of something once said by the late brilliant writer Paul Quarrington during a piece we filmed in 2009 for this website. Upon receiving a compliment on his songwriting from the legendary Andy Kim, he responded by reaching out his hand toward an imaginary car-radio, and said to Andy, “yeah, but your songs like Sugar Sugar make me wanna turn up the volume, you know?”
These songs have that effect on this reviewer; after the obligatory three full listens, I found myself wanting to turn every song up, except I was already at max. Like Nancy Dutra, Jory employed some heavy talent on this record, including his trusty guitar sidekick Jason Fowler, Michael Johnston, and his co-producer, Chris Stringer, as well as backing vocalists (among others) Amanda Walther (Dala) and Lori Cullen. This might also be the slickest sounding record I’ve heard this year from our Canadian folk/roots community, and flat out, one of the finest discs of 2012. - Roots Music Canada


One Way Down (1998)
Tangle With The Ghost (2000)
Lo-Fi Northern Blues (2002)
Spaz Loves Weezie (2004)
FolkJazzBlues&Soul (2007)
New Blue Day (2009)
Little Pilgrim (2012)

-Soul Kid (from New Blue Day) added to SiriusXM's The Coffeehouse Playlist
-1 tune from FolkJazzBlues&Soul (Everything Feels Right) added to CBC Radio 2 National Playlist
-1 tune from New Blue Day (Charlie) added to CBC Radio 2 National Playlist
- 3 tunes from Little Pilgrim (The Best Of Your Heart, The Long Siesta & Helicopter's Circling) added to CBC Radio 2 National Playlist
- the above 5 (five) tunes just added to the new CBC Radio/SiriusXM channel SONICA
-over 10 tunes added to SiriusXM's THE VILLAGE playlist since its inception
-over 10 tunes added to Folk Alley regular playlist.
-Airplay on over 200 radio stations wordwide. ALL 7 albums have charted in the Top 10 of FolkDJ-L monthly top 10 list. Numerous times Jory Nash has been the top played Canadian artist on FolkDJ-l monthly chart and 7 times has been in the Top 10 Annually most played Canadian artists on FolkDJ-L.



Jory Nash is an award-winning singer-songwriter and storyteller who blends elements of folk, jazz, blues, pop & soul into an original stew of sound. He has recorded 7 critically acclaimed albums, including his newest CD Little Pilgrim. His 2009 album New Blue Day was named Penguin Eggs Magazine Critic’s Choice Album of the Year. Jory Nash has also received a Canadian Folk Music Awards nomination for Best Producer for New Blue Day. He is also a previous winner of the OCFF Songs From The Heart Award.

Jory Nash is a past Artistic Director of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, and is the co-founder of an annual large scale, multi-artist concert celebrating the music of Gordon Lightfoot.

Jory Nash plays acoustic guitar, piano and banjo and his warm, unique voice urges you to listen to his thoughtful lyrics and intricate melodies. Jory Nash is regularly heard on numerous CBC Radio programs, SiriusXM, BBC, Galaxie, and college/NPR stations across North America. He tours regularly across Canada and the United States playing folk festivals, house concerts, folk clubs and soft seat theatres. Festival appearances include Summerfolk, Mariposa, Home County, Stewart Park, Eaglewood, Shelter Valley, Hillside, Blue Skies, Live From The Rock, Winterfolk and more.

Jory Nash has a hat collection that numbers in the hundreds and he is also a long-suffering fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Happily the Leafs have made the playoffs in 2013 and Jory’s suffering might finally be over.