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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
Band Hip Hop Christian


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Dyin' Ta' Get In
1. Rescue Me
2. Wait on da' Lord
3. Ask About Me
4. Count Your Blessin's (ft. Kerry Lee)
5. Listen (ft. Jeff)



As we turn a new leaf from 2011 to 2012, nothing has really changed. Everything seems to remain the same. Time goes by, dates change, seasons change, but we as people seem to remain the same. We as people, make new year resolutions and swear that we're going to stand by them, but by the time a couple of months go by, lo and behold--we haven't made a change at all. And if we have made a change, it's usually for the worst. Our selfishness grabs a hold of us, we forget about everyone else, and we go right back to being the same exact person we were the year prior without even realizing it, but this is the person we swore we were going to change from--in this present year.
Dyin' Ta' Get In is important because it presents a solution. Especially for the day and age we're living in. A day and age where everyone is worried about nothing but materialistic things, teenagers are running around rampant, not caring about what their parents think or how they might feel, underage girls are getting pregnant outside of marriage and don't even know the first thing about raising a baby, let alone themselves, sexual immorality has been desensitized to the point where it almost seems natural. It is craziness and complete chaos. With songs such as, "Ask About Me," in which Jose talks about the lies that the devil tries to tell us in order to entice us into doing what he wants us to do and eventually fall into his trap--causing the demise of our very souls--he tells us about things that we could all relate to. He tells us about how the devil takes advantage of the fact that we might be feeling lonely sometimes--to tell us that if we give our lives to him and serve him, he would give us love everlasting. But this is a lie. Anyone who knows better knows that the devil is not a man of love, but rather--roams the earth like a roaring lion seeking to see who he could devour. he is a liar who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. he doesn't care about anyone and he doesn't play fair. Everything that pertains to you is fair game to the devil. It doesn't matter how precious you might feel it is to you. Only the love of Jesus Christ is love everlasting.
Jose gave his life to Jesus Christ on March 24th 2007, while serving as a soldier in Iraq during OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom), at a point in time when everything seemed to be going wrong for him. It didn't matter what he did, he couldn't get one single thing to go right for him to save his life. That's when Jesus Christ came into his life. Somebody witnessed to him and told him that he wouldn't be able to do it all on his own. That he wants to do everything by himself, but that deep down inside, he knew he needed Jesus Christ to help him and in the same token, save him from going to a place prepared for the devil and his demons. Jose gave his life to Jesus Christ and put everything in his hands that very same night. And ever since that night, Jose has never looked back.
This is the same thing that Jose is trying to do for everyone else with Dyin' Ta' Get In. He's trying to tell everyone about the love of Jesus Christ. He's trying to show you how when you think you are at your lowest point in life--That that's when Jesus Christ is ever the more near--wrestling with you to get you to a point where you need to cry out to Him in desperation. With Dyin' Ta' Get In, Jose is trying to show you just how much you need Jesus Christ, but you keep trying to fight Him and shoo Him away. Don't fight Him anymore. If you deny Him here on earth in front of man, He will deny you on Judgement Day in front of His Father. Give your life to Jesus Christ today. Today is the day of Salvation. You know you need Him more than your flesh would ever allow you to realize or even admit. Pick up your cross and die to your flesh daily, so that when it comes to making it into the Kingdom of Heaven, all of us in the body of Christ--together--will be dying to get in.