Jose Antonio Ramos

Jose Antonio Ramos


Jose Antonio Ramos is a Canaries artist who has introduced the art of the “timple” and "MIDI timple” to a completely unedited acoustic spectrum. His experiences in a variety of genres (jazz, flamenco, Celtic, symphonic…) have brought admiration to all those who listened to his work and new proposal


José Antonio Ramos was born in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, in November 10th, 1969. At the age of nine he started his “timple” studies with Totoyo Millares. Later he continued his education in the Superior Musical Conservatory in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Canary Islands, studying classic guitar, but he was also interested in different folk sources such as jamming, from which, later on, he took information for use in his own way of personal expression.

He won the national prize for young Folk musicians in 1998 in Santiago de Compostela. This prize triggered the development of his career, which started with the creation of a group called TRIO TIMPLE. He recorded two albums as leader of this group, “Más que un sueño” and “Tanekra”, and travelled around every lost corner in the Canary Islands. In this stage of his work it is worth noticing the performance he gave on Canary Islands day, 1996, “Timple. El sonido de Canarias” in which some of the most notable instrumentalists and singers of Spain were invited.

After this stage with the Trio “Timple” group, he started his career as a soloist with an intense activity, giving concerts, seminars, conferences…in places in and out the Canary Islands. In this new period, and for the first time in the history of music, he made a name for an electro acoustic “timple”. It was a new project designed by him and built up by other luthiers like Jesús Machín and Juan Molina.

This period, up to now, includes four albums. He has also worked with many different artists, both in albums, more than 30, and live performances. Some of them with Carlos Nuñez, Kepa Junkera, Pedro Guerra, Rosana, Philarmonic orchestra of Gran Canaria, Mestisay, los Sabadeños, The Chieftains, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Jorge Pardo, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Javier Krahe, Bau, Mari Carmen Mulet, Taburiente, Javier Ruibal, Pancho Amat, Polo Ortí, Jose Manuel Ramos, Camarón de Pitita, Andreas Prittwitz, René Gonzalez…

During all his years as a professional musician, José Antonio Ramos has combined his duty as an artist of concerts, recording with his teaching career. Apart from the private classes in his own school of “timple”, he has also given several courses, conferences and seminars throughout many of the Canary Islands, Las Plamas de Gran Canarias, Mogán, San Nicolás de Toletino, Artenara, Teide, Guía, Las Breñas, Santa Cruz de la Palma, Puerto de la Cruz, Los Llanos de Aridane, Santa Brígida, Valsequillo, Arrecife…, also through several institutions such as the Superior Musical Conservatory in Las Palmas and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias.
One of his most celebrated works is the “Timple Imaginario”, a compilation book of specific scores for “timple”, written both in solfegge and cypher. In this book, José Antonio Ramos gathers the works he has recorded throughout his long career.


With Trío Timple
Más que un sueño (DIVA-1990)
Tanekra (DIGITRON-1994)
Los Cuatro Gigantes (CRIN-1998)
Puntales (CRIN-2000)
Jeito (NM-2001)
Para timple y piano (NM-2003)
José Antonio Ramos Y Andreas Prittwitz (INGO-2004)
Los versos de la vida (Pedro Lezcano-José A. Ramos) (CCPC-2004)
15 años de timple (IRINA RECORDS-2005)
Música Óptica (IRINA RECORDS-2005)
Las Manos del Maestro (IRINA RECORDS-2006)
VERY JAR (New Albúm-April 2008)