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"Moment student revealed to classmates his Mexican accent was a FAKE after fooling them day in day out for THREE months"

A 26-year-old community college student faked a Mexican accent in his public speaking class over the course of four months - and has finally made the big reveal to a room full of shocked classmates.

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- The Daily Mail UK

"Speech 101 Prank Fools Class!"

“Jose Barrientos, who enrolled in Speech 101 at Los Angeles City College, began the semester speaking with a fake, Mexican accent and kept it up for months. The prank lasted until Barrientos’ final presentation, when he shed it in a comical reveal.” Watch the video and find out what John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson think on TYT University! Watch the full video here: Would you have been fooled? Have you - The Young Turks

"For four months, Jose Barrientos convinced his Speech 101 class that he had a Mexican accent (Video)"

The Chive featured the video, and did a segment on it. - The Chive

"Pranks Gone Wild"

Sharyn Alfonsi finds the Web's wackiest fake-out pranks, from ghosts to ghouls to the Pine-Sol lady. - ABC's 20/20

"A Super Dedicated Speech 101 Prank"

Comedian Jose Barrientos spent months tricking his professor and fellow classmates in his Speech 101 course. Pretending to speak with a hispanic accent, all of his speech topics were rather odd. Until his final speech, where a magic drink rids him of his accent. Watch Jose's whole video here. - Right This Minute

"Aspiring Comedian Pulls Elaborate Prank on His Public Speaking Class"

When it comes to elaborate pranks, the one that 26-year-old Jose Barrientos played on his professor and classmates for an entire semester may take the cake. The aspiring comedian decided to speak in a Mexican accent during his public-speaking class and record himself during his presentations to the class. In reality, Barrientos just has an American accent. - Yahoo!

"LA Community College Student Pranks Class With Semester-Long Mexican Accent"

LA Community College Student Pranks Class With Semester-Long Mexican Accent - ABC News

"Jose Barrientos, L.A. Comedian, Pranks Students With Fake Accent (VIDEO)"

Some students might take an intro public speaking class with the hopes of padding their grade point average, but comedian Jose Barrientos used it as an opportunity to prove a point. - Huffington Post

"Race and ethnicity Jose Barrientos Pranks Speech Class By Using Fake Mexi Accent For 3 Months (Video)"

If you ever felt sorry for the African American, Asian and Latino actors who have to use fake language and accents to get acting jobs playing gangsters and delivery boys in Hollywood, Southern California comedian Jose Barrientos has a prank you'll probably enjoy. - LA Weekly

"Guy Fools Speech Class with Fake Mexican Accent in Elaborate Months-Long Prank"

Comedian Jose Barrientos is Hispanic and bilingual but his accent is purely American.

Except his Speech 101 classmates don't know that. - Gawker

"Guy spends months convincing classmates that he has an accent (NSFW)"

We're not sure why Jose Barrientos spent four months convincing his Speech 101 class that he spoke with a super-heavy Hispanic accent (Think Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite" and you'll get the idea). He gave three speeches to the class about everything from his favorite piñata to why he loves David Hasselhoff. But like a magician saving his best trick for last, in his final speech in the class Barrientos had a pretty slick way of revealing his real voice, even if his last sentences sounded a little like they were borrowed from a Jerry Springer final thought. (The reactions are slightly NSFW.) - MSN NOW


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Jose Barrientos never took life seriously, compelling him to pull pranks even in the most serious of situations. One such situation was during his College Speech 101 class. For an entire semester (4 Months), Barrientos faked a typical Hispanic immigrant accent, bringing such things as massive sombreros, and pinatas to class... but what started as a prank quickly turned into a social experiment. Overnight the Prank Video became an internet sensation gaining more than 2 million views, and international media attention. Shortly after it's viral success, Jose and the Prank were featured in ABC's 20/20 as part of their Prank Segment. Pushing the limits of social norms, and preconceived notions of foreign culture, Barrientos now tours around the country sharing what he learned about cultural diversity behind the mask of a foreign immigrant.