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U stay on my mind

Written By: Jose Leal III

Baby, I wanted to see you yesterday
but you didn't call me back in time
And I was thinking
In my mind
If everything was alright

I've been with other lovers before
But, they never made me feel this fine
And I want to give you so much more
You've got to stay in my life

And I ain't ever going to stop
Loving you
I put you up close to the top
Like I'm supposed to do

And you've got to know my love is for real
But if you don't
I'm going to tell you
I'm going to show you
I'm going to do whatever you want me to
Because baby...

U stay on my mind
My baby, U stay on my mind
All the time

And if you're thinking that my love is blind
Baby don't
Cause I'm going to tell you
I'm going to show you
That's it for U and only you...

I never thought you'd be all mine
Because you were just too damn fine
But I'm glad that you made up your mind
and you let me
Get you in
Let you in
Let me in...