José el Rey

José el Rey


Miami Bass. Pink. Freestyle. Diamond Girl. Golden things. Pastries. Jumps.


Whether Jose El Rey was born from Miami or Miami from Jose El Rey is
an issue open for debate. Regardless of who's loins sprang who, it's
clear that everything Jose understands about ladies, love, and music
he learned by the time he was 11. In 1989.
"I remember listening to 2 Live Crew at Abuela Victorina's house, and I was
shocked and aroused by all the bad words," says the Rey. That state of
befuddlement, delightfully slippery confusion, and arrested
development have formed who he is today: A self-proclaimed playa
thriving on Miami bass beats, studying the lyrics of "Diamond Girl"
by the dim lights of his grandmother's collection of religious
candles. Sure, he's been called sexist. And rude. His response? "Yeah,
I am the sexiest. but, I am totally not rude," claims El Rey. "I hold
the door for the ladies and even sometimes give them a ride back to
their house."
Seeing Jose El Rey live is more Miami than watching Uncle Luke perform
at Santa's Enchanted Forest. But with less lights. And more sexual
tension. And really, isn't that what Miami's all about?


José el Rey - A Little Strong LP
All songs are on the air.

Set List

safety first (2.5 minutes)
house of sex (3 minutes)
offended by my sex (2 minutes)
take it e.z. baby (3 minutes)
night time ladies of the night (3 minutes)
chame on u (3 minutes)
we are the players (3 minutes)
the whole thing is always under 30 minutes. to keep it fun