José Mucavele

José Mucavele

 Maputo, Maputo, MOZ

Mozambique’s greatest popular band,Ghorwane, has produced only three albums since it formed in 1983.The group’s international debut, Majurugenta(Real World 1993)established it as a major player in African music with a rousing,soulful blend of guitars,horns,drums,and fabulously harmonizing voices.


Born in Chubuto in 1950, in the Gaza province in Southern Mozambique, Jos Mucavele is an outstanding composer who developed a rich and innovative musical language. By mixing elements of traditional music with urban genres, Jos Mucavele is able to achieve a unique sound. His music is equally as complex and refined: complex rhythms on his untraditionally tuned guitar invite deep and exciting vocal melodies.
Jos Mucavele spends a huge part of the year collecting musical elements from the vast and rich musical heritage of Mozambique.


"Atravessando Rios" - Valentim de Carvalho E.M.I (1985)
"Compassos" - Independent (1996)

New Album "Solo & Unplugged" currently under production (2012)

Set List

1 low stool - i.e. drum chair
2 Guitar Stands