Jose Pasco

Jose Pasco

 Round Rock, Texas, USA

The sound is modern but with a vintage color that incorporates powerful sounds of rock music into lyrics that lead you to discover the idealistic side of human beings. Also you can feel, delicate sounds of acoustic ballads with an ethereal atmosphere that puts the mind beyond earthly stadiums


I started making music in the early 90's. When I finish school, I was a young man with no money and no job. I started playing in a bar, without a microphone or amplifier, just me and my guitar among many drunks who gave me tips for singing, that was all of my salary and had to return home on foot.
I formed my first band, TAXO with some school friends, we made good rock and roll, but we played only in places where we were paid with food. When we finally find a manager, we could make a record. Our single ADRENALINA rang for several weeks in a local AM radio.
Times were hard in my country, there was much terrorism and had not many safe places. There were bombs and people were afraid. There was a curfew, and concerts were less, just as the pay. The band broke up.
In the mid 90's I was again just playing in bars, but gradually I got to know new musicians and formed my second band called ZARAUZ. Things were still difficult is my country. There wasn’t terrorism because the new president came down hard over them, but he was a dictator and he committed many infringements of human rights, many people died in hiding. Young people dreamed of leaving the country and nobody no longer had faith in the future. They were born many songs with messages of idealists. We played many outdoor concerts, concerts for human rights. People came out into the streets and demanded freedom and democracy. Zarauz played with many other bands claiming the same. Our first album POBRES CITADINOS appeared in 1999.
In 2001, we were ready to launch the second album, the best we had ever done. The policy change, the dictator was overthrown and a democratic government came to Peru and it is best that was defeated peacefully, journalists and artists sponsored by other political groups to achieve change.
The second disc called ZARAUZ eventually appeared. We managed to put an issue on an FM radio, but it was just a program specializing in rock. In Peru, dominate other musical genres such as salsa or cumbia. We play for performances of dance groups and made several concerts at cultural centres. Then in 2003 the band broke up by unanimous consent.
After some years of playing for other artists (Susana Baca), and walking the troubadour line, I started developing my solo career. Some Hispanic artists with a reputation as Joaquin Sabina, praised my work. In 2007, I launched my first solo album PLOP! with songs ranging from love, joy and loneliness, with a fresh sound and very pop. I got some TV and radio appearances. Then I had an injury to the vocal cords and had to stop for a year.
During the 2009 i focused my work in two simultaneous recording projects: The ROJO PURO album, in which I return to the strong line of rock and talk about issues idealism, freedom and love, why not? And the SESION ACUSTICA album, in which a tribute to the artists who have influenced my work covering some of their songs in acoustic format.


PLOP! (album, 2007)