Joseph Blaise

Joseph Blaise

 New York City, New York, USA

"This charismatic frontman and pianist is a charming and passionate performer who writes electrifying songs for his band and audiences alike. A must see"


Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Joseph Blaise studied classical piano from age 6, and completed his first "chick song", Endless Dreams by 14. By 16 the chick had dumped him. And so as it would be, the songwriting process was born. Throughout high school and college Blaise continued to create and collaborate leading multiple bands through a growing arsenal of original piano-pop songs. He shimmered against the trenches of New York City's notorious "dive circuit" playing keyboard in a jam-pop band called The Northerners and then suddenly disappeared into the shadowy underworld of open mics and coffee shops. Nearly two years later he burst back into the NYC music scene as a solo artist with a newfound creative freedom, a littany of untapped musical ideas and, after months of auditions, his own rocking band courtesy of Craig's magical list. These days Blaise is cranking out songs in some of the city's finest venues and recording a full-length record to be released this spring.


Strange World

Written By: Joseph Blaise

It’s a strange strange world
Where I come from
A strange place
Something to see we are
Estranged and uncertain

Where do we
Where do we go from here
Sometimes I just don’t know
If I will see it through

But you been making it easy
I found happiness right here
Waking up to the sound of the songs you sing

Time has us
Bound like slaves
I can’t stand one more day
Deciding which way to turn

But you been making it easy
Now I found happiness right here
Waking up to the sound of the songs you sing
to me

For crying out loud
Wait up for me
I’m out on a limb
Coming back for you
Coming back for you
I’ll come back for you

©2004 DanTone Music


Strange World EP - 2004
Little Street EP - 2008
When The Morning Comes LP - 2009

Set List

Original music. Usually performs 45-60 minute sets.

Joseph Blaise performs solo, with an acoustic trio or quartet or with his full 5 piece band, My Glorious Mess