Joseph Dabney

Joseph Dabney


The music that I write is inspired by life and my artwork. I strive for honesty and sincerity while trying to capture the essence of human emotion. I have a few supportive friends who are kind enough to help me out in the studio, by providing their musical talent to make each song more full.


My story began five years ago. I was turning 14 that year, and on that day my brother, who is my best friend, surprised me with an acoustic guitar. I taught myself how to play, and ever since then I have been working to take my music as far as I possibly can.

During high school I wrote constantly. I would pen my thoughts everywhere I went. I recorded numerous songs, and played at clubs such as CODA in New York City. I also played at many coffee shops in New Jersey, as well as, venues around Pennsylvania.

Well, just like most high school graduates, I went off to college to try and find my niche. I wrote more and more music while away from home, and I fell upon my passion for art. I began writing songs influenced by atomospheric sounds that you can hear in bands such as Explosions In The Sky and The Cure.

I wrote and recorded the "Looking For Loose Change EP" with a few good friends of mine at a studio close to home. The EP deals a lot with trying to hold onto a love you are about to lose. I produced the EP myself and did all of the artwork.

Recording the EP was a great experience for me and I plan to continue to write, record, and perform music wherever life takes me. I hope to inspire people to believe in their dreams, and allow them to relate to the melodies we can bloom through music.


Looking For Loose Change EP - Released August 2007.


1) "By Tomorrow You'll Be Gone"

2) "Bridegroom"

3) "Get Up!"

4) "Conversations Of Our Better Days"

5) "Conversations Of Our Better Days" (Acoustic Version)

Set List

1) "Get Up!"

2) "Cheers"

3) "So Beyond Me"

4) "Bridegroom"

5) "Conversations Of Our Better Days"

6) "By Tomorrow You'll Be Gone"

7) "Our Love"

8) "Saturday"

45 minutes - 60 minutes

Covers Include: "Ever So Sweet" (The Early November), "A Thousand Miles" (Vanessa Carlton), "Hear You Me" (Jimmy Eat World)