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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Josephine Burning"

Sorry we don't have any real press reviews. But we palce 3rd at our most recent battle of the bands out of 12 - Battle of the Bands


A Vague Premontion of Danger (7songs)



Wylie, Quinland, Nevada, and Josephine are all small Texas towns very far north of the big city of Dallas. These small towns are where the Joephine Burning’s story begins. Chase Record started off playing the bass for this band called “Point of View” with guitarist’s Sean Pace and Brently White, along with singer Nestor Acosta. Unfortunately the band had no drummer. While still playing with Point of View”, Chase and guitarist Bidkar Viera, Chase’s classmate at Community High School, were thinking about forming another band together. Their thoughts resulted in Bidkar introducing Chase to his older brother Gerson Viera who was also a guitarist. However, the band then needed a drummer, a singer and a name.

Gerson, working for the Wal-Mart in Wylie knew a great drummer that was in need of a band. Chris Lacy who would be happy to be the drummer of a band that had energy and passion readily agreed to join these musicians after hearing them play. Prior to this union, Chris had been trying to get a band started with different people, but none of them worked out. Fortunately, it did work out for Chase, Bidkar, Gerson and Chris, because together they formed the band “Inth”. Inth had a great sound, but they were lacking only one thing, a singer that would be a great “front man”.

Chris knew someone that also worked at Wal-Mart who he thought would be a great front man, poetic audio engineer Devon Boyd. Devon, also known as Lyrical-I would have been a great front man, but he wasn’t a great singer/screamer. However, he did offer to record them on his MiKO (a portable digital audio workstation). Despite the fact that Inth did not have a singer, they still made a couple good songs. But eventually that all came to an end. The guys in the band couldn’t find time to practice because Chase and Bidkar were still in high school while Chris and Gerson were working full time.

During this time Chase was playing with “Point of View”, which still did not have a drummer and once again Chris did not have a band, so he joined POV. Shortly thereafter, time and distance became an issue and just like “Inth”, P.O.V also came to a halt. Nestor the singer of “Point of View” lived in Rockwall, Texas, which was a significant distance from the small towns where the other band members resided. Even though those two bands broke up, the connection between Chase, Chris and Sean, did not! They fused together their talents and created a new band.

Chase, no longer wanting to play bass, became the lead singer/screamer of the band. Luckily Sean was friends with a bassist name Joe “Moose” Wilkinson. With the skills and talents of Chase, Chris, Sean, and Joe these musicians formed the band “Josephine Burning”. The guys clicked and before these talented musicians knew it, three songs were created that were ready to be recorded. Chris called engineer Devon Boyd to set up a recording session.

Josephine Burning recorded their three songs and uploaded them to the huge networking website MySpace. As a result May 20, 2007, a promoter heard the band’s music and booked them for their first show at the Battle of the Bands, which was held at the Curtain Club in downtown Dallas, Texas. About a week later, the guys in high school graduated. Unfortunately, Sean and Joe could no longer be a part of the band. Sean was joining the armed forces and Joe was moving out of state. So once again Chris and Chase had to search for additional members. At J.B’s first show Chase met a guitarist named Jerod Coker who also played for the band “Dawn Patrol”. Jerod was friends with Josh Troiani who soon became JB’s new bassist. Ultimately, with Chase Record on vocals, Chris Lacy on drums, Josh Troiani on bass, Jerod Coker on rhythm guitar, and returning back to the crew Bidkar Viera on the lead guitar together formed the new Josephine Burning!