Josephine Sweet

Josephine Sweet


Strong intensity of life; Its hardness & beauty; crosses in & out of genres; lyrics - poignant, a crooning voice that draws you into the heart of every song. Familiar welcoming rapport, amazing quality, catchy lyrics, songs of truth that will leave a long lasting impression.


Folk-artist, singer/songwriter. Her art work is featured on her CD's; whimsical, free and original at its best. Josephine Sweet is a strong advocate for the protection of life and the endurance of the human spirit. Her songs make you feel the strong intensity of life, its hardness and, its beauty. Considered a cross between independent folk and country. Her music is versatile, crossing in and out of genres. Her lyrics are poignant and her crooning voice stoic drawing you into the heart of every song. Overwhelmingly possessed with stage presence that gently demands your attention. You'll catch yourself experiencing feelings of deja-vu due to the familiar and welcoming rapport that is almost instantly present with any audience. One thing is for sure she knows that stage and she loves her crowd. The end result is amazing quality, catchy lyrics, and songs of truth that will leave a long lasting impression.

Growing up in the south for me was isolating, repressive and lonley. I started writing and playing songs at the age of 13 just to get things off my chest. Feeling lost and sad most of the time, I had a drive to sing and express my thoughts. This led me to start playing for anyone who had the time to listen. I moved to the Southside of Birmingham, Alabama and began learning how to sing and play amplified at local open mics. I was so shy at first but over time became more and more confident in my craft. I began playing at different venues such as art openings, earthdays and fall festivals realizing I could make extra money.

I formed a band in 1995 with my good friend Sammy Boggan now with the wonderful band 13 Ghost. We were called "Medangione" which was a mix of blugrass, folk and rock. We recorded my first album "Surface Noise" with good friends; Robert Mcdonald, Bo Doss, Brian Fingar and Gina Cobb. The band finally slowed down so Sammy and I
began playing with drummer Tonya West, currently with Trees with Bells and Heath Green and The Starmakers. I also began playing with a wonderful lead guitarist, Ian Newman, who also fronts his own band "Sugar Bush".
I will be heading out on my own as Josephine Sweet. If you catch my show you won't soon forget me, I promise!

Influences are Michelle Shocked, John Prine, Johnny Cash, R.E.M, The Smiths, Patty Griffin, Flamming Lips. I have too many to list them all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!


Sticks are Swithes (2004)
In Dog Years I'm Dead (2003)
Surface Noise (1998)

Streaming- Episode 66
"Sad Refrain" cd "Stickes Are Swithes"

WBHM 90.3 NPR Tapestry - Interview w/ Greg Bass
Songs From CD Sticks are Swithes
To The Ground, Take Me Away, My Life
WRAX 100.5 X Beaner and Ken's morning show live
in studio as d.Mangione singing her single "The Mission"
WRAX 90.3 Tapestry interview w/ Greg Bass song "My Life"
WLJS 92j Jacksonville State Universty "The Other Side" w/ Steven Pope

Set List

To the Gound, Through Me, Dollar Song, My Life, Dizzy Sunlight, Mother Cried, Sad Refrain, I'll Take Yours, Circles, How'd ya get There, Alright, The Mission. I have many more originals; sets range from 60 mins to 120 mins or more depending on the occasion....

Covers include;
STP, Cyndi Lauper, Sineade Oconner, Patty Griffin, The Commodors, Lynard Skynard, ACDC, Norah Jones, Dylan, John Prine. Bluegrass - Rollin in my Sweet Babys Arms, L&N Don't Stop Here, Blue Ridge MTN. Blues and much more!!