Joseph L. Young

Joseph L. Young

 Boise, Idaho, USA
BandWorldNew Age

Contemporary world flute, a mixture of east meets west meets south and north. from soothing ballades to upbeat lively tunes that leave you feeling refreshed.


Joseph L. Young hails from the sleepy town of Eagle, Idaho. He discovered his deep appreciation for the beauty of music at the age of twelve when he first learned to play the saxophone. His passion for musical creativity drove him to study music at Boise State University where he then went on to pursue a degree in Music & Video Business at the Art Institute in Seattle, Washington. He has long been fascinated by the Native American flute - an instrument commonly found throughout the Pacific Northwest. He wrote his first composition for this instrument, "Shaman's Dream," even before he owned his first flute. This piece finally came to life on his first CD, "Pathways." Joseph's eclectic talent emerges as a soothing blend of jazz, world beat, and diverse flute music. He is a talented composer, a consummate producer, and perhaps most of all, a dynamic performer. He has rendered engaging performances throughout his career with Mobius Trip ( a smooth jazz ensemble), Terra Sonus ( a world band), and WRY ( a folk rock trio). Within the last several years, Joseph has followed his dream by performing on the flute festival circuit. He was selected as a Rising Star performer at the Zion Flute Festival in 2007. He received 2nd place honors in the flute player's competition at Musical Echoes Flute Festival in 2008. In 2009, he played his first headliner venue at the Magic Valley Flute Festival. In August 2010, he opened on the main stage at Flute Quest for two-time Grammy winner Mary Youngblood. Joseph resides in Boise, Idaho where he works as a sound engineer and musician. In addition to his professional command of the alto & soprano saxophone, he plays concert quality on specialty flutes such as the Anasazi, the Xiao, as well as the Celtic penny whistle. He also plays and performs various percussion instruments and the wind synthesizer. Joseph recently released his second CD, "Face the Wind," and is working on his third release to be available in the summer of 2011.


Pathwyas LP 2004
Face the Wind LP 2010

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