Joseph Messing

Joseph Messing


The music is rooted in the singer/songwriter format but draws heavily from blues and R and B roots. Storytelling and poetic lyrics have a strong presence in the writing, with soulful, distinct vocals supplying clear lyrics and melodies. Recent writing has a rockabilly rhythmic nature.


Joseph Messing is a singer songwriter living in Chicago, Illinois. Though a musician his entire life, he first began performing his own writing in Chicago in 2001. At that time he developed a very strong following and performed throughout the city leading up to the release of his self-produced CD, Confessions in Verse. After the release of his CD in 2003, he was joined by Dan Huber, a classically trained bassist playing both upright bass and electric bass. The pair went on to perform with several different variations of band members over a two year period, and after a long hiatus, have now settled on their bread and butter, the personal connection of the singer/songwriter format. The music is primarily written by Joseph Messing and covers a wide range of both musical genres and topics. Messing's strengths lie in strong, emotive vocals and identifiable lyrics. Huber compliments this presence with a grace and flexibility which truly show his talent. The changes the pair have endured bring a fresh depth and meaning to their latest music, showing that the duo has only begun to show their capabilities.

Influences include:
Elliott Smith
Jeff Buckley
Muddy Waters
Brian Setzer
Buddy Guy
Pat Metheny
Joni Mitchell
Charles Mingus


Chasing Austin

Written By: Joseph Messing

Staring out the window a silence washes over me
Put yourself out there once again
And do what you've got to do

Sometimes I feel it can be so embarassing
Take a deep breath
and put myself in someone else's shoes

And we, go forwards
We, grow, a little
And I, I know
That without you, there would be no Austin

Stepping off the plane in Austin makes me feel better
Don't know why I come down here
But being in Texas is better than pain

And thinking about you up north on that great blue lake
Funny how once the winds of Michigan blow
They never ever seem to leave your soul

And we, go forwards
We, grow, a little
And I, I know
That without you, there would be no Austin


Confessions in Verse
Released 2003

Set List

Sets very from 45 minutes to 2 hours in length based on the venue. A typical set consists of eight originals and 2 covers. Covers are not strict interpretations but rather suited to the tastes of the performers.
Cover examples:
The Letter- Joe Cocker
Hey hey what can I do- Led Zeppelin
Is this love- Bob Marley and the Wailers