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Born in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, Joseph Solomon Habib is the oldest of three boys to his parents Joanne and Michael. His childhood was pretty good or so it seemed through the eyes of a naive young boy who looked up to his father, and adored his mother.
Around the age of 12 his parents had a rotten divorce and his mothers alcholism and fathers nonchalant attitude eventlly came to light.
Overnight his Dad was out of the house and Mom was out partying all hours of the night. With a ton of emotions Joseph began writing. Aside from writing rhymes he also got into alot of trouble. From experiementing with different drugs to sneaking out the house in the middle of the night it was a recipe for some difficult times ahead.
Roosevelt Avenue is known for some shady and devious activities and Joseph and his crew became a big part of that. By 16 years old Joseph was arrested several times and caught his first real jail experience serving eight months on Rikers Island for a probation violation. Within that time he became a serious writer and rapping is the only thing that kept him safe and out of trouble on Rikers Island.
As the years passed the trouble continued, but so did his love for music and writing. He also developed a passion for reading and self education, since he could never relate with his school teachers.
Paroled in 2008 on a grand larcany charge Joseph has finally realized the path he was on has brought his family and self nothing but heartache and pain. Also recentlly overcoming an opiet addiction he compares kicking the habit to being held under 23 hour a day lockdown.
In the studio and working hard Joseph has recorded volumes of material telling his story with such honesty and passion it will make the hairs on your neck stand up and leave you with goose bumps. He explains to the listener that we are reponsible for our own actions and that there is nothing glamourous about the street life. As a matter of fact it's quite ugly; it will take a good little boy and turn him into a disgusting monster.
His songs of life, love, struggle, and sacrafice are timeless material and will surpass generations to come due to the honesty and creativity involved. With his poetic gift, he also turns his vocals into an instrument and jams with talented producers and musicians locally and overseas as well.
He has two mixtapes( and possible colaborations) and a full length album set to be released this year. Also there will be several live performances in the very near future as well. Joseph has been making music for years, but he has never lost his hunger, rare for an artist now a days, so stay tuned.
Keep your ears to the street and get ready for Joseph Solomon, he will be knocking on your door.