Josephus Wails

Josephus Wails


Momma always found me prophetic.


Josephus almost got kicked out of South Korea for performing. The long and the short of it is, he pushed himself underground. Him and the fellow Wails' brought their band Kettle Mountain Social (Korea's most well known Bluegrass outfit) around the country to rabid audiences.
The brush with the cops wigged the poor guy out and he's come back to Canada to show y'all what he learnned.

Josephus has been playing and writing for years and but just lately have his songs resonated and started to make sense.
Lovable losers, sad lovers, misguided tour guides, and bona fide weirdos; the protagonists of many of his songs are a refreshing change from the charged, self-confident, demanding knaves of the world.

Rough and expressive vocals have crooned to moons. Airy stressful tones have unintended affects. And the guitar playing is complementary. Whether it's driving travis picking, waltzing, or plucking, Josephus's under control.

His shows also have an eclectic mix of originals thrown in: Tom Waits, Britney Spears, and Radiohead- nothing will sound the same.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Written By: Josephus Wails

You're giving me Rheumatoid Arthritis
Even though my doctor can't exactly explain why that is.
He talks of fancy stages
scientific words and phrases
He leaves me high and dry

I get it from kissin' the ground you walk on
and listening to you talk on and on and on
my friends all think i'm a mess,
I guess
I get it from kickin' in door frames
and listenin' to you play your damn mind games
is there a point I can stress,
I guess

that you are the cause of all my pain
and I'd be happy if I never saw your face again
"You're out the door", I said.
"Just one more week and I'd be dead. I love life too much to be around you".


Written By: Josephus Wails

My five gallon hat
is half full of rain
I'm not quite sure when i'll see it again
but that's alright
it'll rain again tonight

A warm wind blows
the thunder rolls slow
the clouds shuffle on and the sun low
in a faint white light
and it'll rain again tonight

The air breathes heavy with you next to me
the rain is falling twice as hard
moonlight's reflecting off your sweaty skin
and fancy that
my five gallon hat

the rain falls down
the streams swirl round
the bridges in town got burned to the ground
what a sight
and it'll rain again tonight

my 5 gallon hat
is soaked to the core
my wool coats hanging on a hook on the door
bathed in light
and it'll rain again tonight

I Fell in Love With a Sabre Tooth Tiger

Written By: Josephus Wails

Fell in love with a Sabre Tooth tiger
and then she bit my wrist
I said "I look forward to better times than this."
And as the blood poured out
she got on her knees and she sighed
that there were 40,000 stars
shining down on me
and 16 angels hovering over me
and I cried

I fell in love with a Sabre Tooth tiger
shoulda known it would never work
I shoulda packed my schemes in bags
and hit the dirt
And the blood rushed out
as she ripped my arm
Though my heart said she meant no harm
it still hurt

Fell in love with a Sabre Tooth Tiger
and now we got some kids
And they look more like the Sphynx
then that sphynx ever did

Just one look and a man will quake
just one growl and his loins will shake
but just, one purr and his heart will break.


Choke 'em EP

Set List

Two 45 minute sets with covers (Tom Waits, Iron & Wine, Coldplay, Sufjan Stevens, Queen, etc) and originals.