Jose Ramos and No Way Jose

Jose Ramos and No Way Jose


Jose Ramos & The No Way Jose! Band is a multi-cultural blend of Boston's finest Blues and R&B musicians, who have been packing the clubs around here for over 20 years!


Jose Ramos is one of Boston's best-known and most-beloved Blues and R&B performers.

For more than 20 years now, Jose has been keepen' them Hot, Thirsty and Happy on the dance floor all night!

Jose describes himself as a "New York-born, Boston-raised, Puerto Rican from out of the Projects singing the Blues!" - and he surely is a charismatic, soulful and entertaining presence on the stage.

Jose Ramos was raised in Boston's multi-cultural South End. Jose's ethnic and musical background draws on the best of these many different worlds, and as Jose says, "I was born into rice and beans, but I grew up around Grits, Greens and Gravy!"

Equally at home playing Jazz, Jump Blues, Classic R&B, Swing, Funk or Salsa, Jose will be rockin' them long into the night for many years to come!


Merry Christmas Baby

Written By: Charles Brown

Merry Christmas baby, you sure did treat me nice
Merry Christmas baby, you sure did treat me nice
Gave me a diamond ring for Christmas
Now I'm living in paradise

Well I'm feelin' mighty fine, got good music on my radio
Well I'm feelin' mighty fine, got good music on my radio
Well I wanna kiss you baby,
While you're standing 'neath the mistletoe

Saintee came down the chimney
'Bout half past three
Left all these pretty presents
That you see before me
Merry Christmas pretty baby, you sure been good to me
I haven't had a drink this morning
But I'm all lit up like a Christmas tree


Just Call Me 'Zay!

Set List

Jose and band can play anything you could ask for. Although he is best known for the Blues, he can run off classic R & B, Jazz and Bebop with ease. Classic Stax/ Atlantic records to Motown, to old Chess Records. Plus.. you'll be shocked to find out what Jose is going say when he's next.