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Jose Wherrems

Lima, Provincia de Lima, Peru

Lima, Provincia de Lima, Peru
Band Rock Latin


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"Lennon Deluxe"

Lennon Deluxe

It was a Dec. 8 1990 when a group of friends composed of some of the finest musicians in Peru, decided to prepare a tribute to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the tragic death of John Winston Lennon. This 2007 have been fulfilled 17 years of that first staged in the Teatro Segura memorable, and its headquarters has finished moving Peruano to the precincts of Japanese theater. Through these years have been a number of original members and others have emigrated beatlemaniacos allowing the entry of new generations. Unfortunately, there was one that left us forever: Ernesto Samamé, who are dedicated to these lines.
Rain or shine, every year, the public of all ages filled the theater facilities, to the point that it has been necessary to expand the presentation to two per year: 7 and Dec. 8. What we detail below is a small curriculum that emphasizes the career of these great musicians Peruvians.

Very few people know that in 2003, a group called Peruvian Besonegro, trio formed by Lucho Núñez on guitar, Ernesto Samamé on bass, and Pepe Wherrens on drums, won by a number of bodies to touch the quota for Latin American issues for The Beatles at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool. The contest was held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and as additional award, Lucho Núñez won the prize for best guitarist of the contest. On Thursday, August 21, 2003, had its first performance 45 minutes into the Cavern Club Front Stage, and then made a series of eight presentations at the Club as at the Annual Convention of Beatleweek Festival. With these credits Lucho and Pepe - who survive Ernesto-continue to offer its art, this time as members of "A Day in the Life."
This is just for starters, because the list below is to get luster to the national history of rock:
Edmundo Delgado (bass and vocals): It is a sound engineer and runs his own studio, "Study Buddies", which have recorded not only national but international artists of the caliber of Armando Manzanero, Jose Feliciano, Shania Twain, among others. He was the principal manager of the idea of a tribute to Lennon. Prior to this, he formed a group called Friends of Beatle music.
Andres Da Ros (voice): Edmundo joined with the Friends group and is the main voice of the group Blood Purple.
Carlos Guerrero (voice): Frontman indisputable We All Together - one of the best-national gangs and one of the closest to the voices of Paul Mc Cartney. His career is very extensive.
Saul Cornejo (guitar and advisor): An exceptional musician, founder of legendary bands like New Juggler Sound, and Laghonia We All Together. I think it is our George Martin.
Octavio (Tavo) Castillo (Steel guitar, flute Traversa: multifaceted musician whose work is deeply linked to one of our best rock bands: Fragile.
Joni Chiappe (keyboards and vocals): Founder and principal composer of the group recalled JAS and keyboardist and music director of Gerardo Manuel and Smoke.
Humberto Panficchi (piano and keyboard): Young musician member of The Ghost Band, Trilogy and The Old School Band.
Pepe Chiriboga (Indian percussion): Has participated in several European festivals.
Christian Becker (zither): He studied at Berklee, Boston. His teacher was zither Ali Akbar Khan, one of the best in the world.
July Valle (guitar): Another great young musicians that have joined the show. It is one of the most sought after studio musicians.
Gerardo Manuel (voice): Write a blog in El Comercio.
Yoshi Hirosh, (orchestral direction, guitar and vocals): A member of the duo Yoshi and Luigi and prominent arranger and musical director. Leads the Chamber Orchestra of which completes the cast of the show. The Chamber Orchestra is made up of outstanding musicians, several of them members of the Lima Philharmonic and the National Symphony Orchestra.
The hope is a spectacle worthy of the best venues and audiences around the globe. - El Comercio

"Pepe Wherrems Presents His New Album"

Renowned Peruvian drummer Pepe Wherrems reflected the style of British rock, American and Spanish in his first album material that bears his name and that the ring will be launched this November 29 in the Green Crocodile. Read more!

Throughout his musical career, Wherrems has played on several occasions in 'The Cavern' pub in Liverpool where he became famous' The Beatles'. In addition, Pepe shared the stage with the tenor Juan Diego Florez when they were young, Christian Meier, Jean Paul Strauss, Luis Nunez, We All Together, FEIS, SOS, Besonegro, among others.

In this new adventure, Wherrems reflect their perception of life with the aim of passing it on to his fans.

- Perú.com


Here some of the most important recordings he have:
-Feiser, singles 1989
-We All Together, Sueños 1995
-We all Together, Seguimos 1999
-Besonegro, Los Sabios Demonios 2000
-Un Dia En La Vida, Sgt. Pepper's 40th aniversary (live-video) 2007
-Un Día En La Vida, The White Álbum (live-video) 2008
-Un Día En La Vida, Abbey Road (Live at Peruvian-Japanese theater) 2009
-Los Últimos Héroes 1990
-Los Últimos Héroes 2006
-Amén, Ollecram
-S.O.S, Toda La Noche
-Lucho Núñez, Pause 2007
-Gonzalo Ruiz, 12 Historias 2007
-Pepe Wherrems 1 2007
-Pepe Wherrems 2 (coming soon)



José Wherrems Sobrino. Drummer-singer-composer and producer. Born in Lima - Perú. His "Back Beats" let him play with many rock stars artists in his country since he was a young. He recorded many singles and albums for bands from Perú and he participated in many international festivals in his country and around the world. He played in "The Cavern Club" In Buenos Aires- Argentina, and in the Mathew Street Festival (2003) in Liverpool joining "The Cavern Club" during Beatleweek convention with his band called "Besonegro". He had the honor to play in The Cavern Front Stage, Back Stage and the Cavern Pub seasoned another gigs in Liverpool and Paris. As an international drummer from Perú, José Wherrems have a recognition with press honors. He also sharing the stage in many concerts with a classic rock n' roll peruvian musicians stars. As a drummer and producer he had a "Orgullosamente Latino" nominated with his band called "Los Últimos Héroes". Currently he is working with "A Day In The Life" orchestra where this year they will celebrate the 40th aniversary of "White Album". in 2007 the orchestra did the 40th aniversary of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". He was in the "Abbey Road" 40th anniversary 2009 and this 2010 will apear again but this time in "Let It Be" 40th anniversary at Peruvian-Japanese Theater. He also currently focus on his own new proyect as a drummer-singer looking for rock festivals around the world.Currently he is working on 2 new albums. And for the last ensemble he have , he enjoy with his new great band called "Hot Dog" doing Rolling Stones explosives tributes around his country.