Josh Addair

Josh Addair


Josh's music is very versatile, from the hardest rocking, up tempo, contemporary country, the the soft bluesy ballads. You will be able to find something for all walks of life. Josh's energy on stage is phenomenal and his band is right where they should be!


When you think about country performers of today, you think of people such as Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. It has been said that this performer, Josh Addair, could give these artists a run for their money, in addition, it has also been predicted that some day soon he probably will. It is certain that Josh Addair will soon be on the rise in the world of country music.

Born in the hills of West Virginia on August 3rd, 1987, Josh suffered many complications while being born. When leaving the hospital escorted by her doctor, Josh’s mother was told "You know that we should be going to this baby’s funeral - he is a miracle baby. He has a purpose on this earth if no one does and one day the world will know this baby’s name." Now, 21 years later, when watching him perform on stage we all know what that purpose is.

Utilizing his powerful and dynamic voice, Josh Addair has been singing for as long as he could remember. This young man’s journey began at age twelve when he had his first stage performance in the small town of Pineville, West Virginia. Since that moment, Josh has recorded three cover albums, has performed at countless fairs and festivals all over the U.S., and has even opened for major label recording artists. At age 14, Josh began writing his own songs, and in 2010 Josh recorded his first original “EP.” The first single off of the EP “Daddy’s Home” became a very successful hit, and has lead to a very busy year for Josh. Josh is currently finishing up his 2nd all original album set to release spring of 2012.


1999- Age 12 "The River" EP (First "Cover" Demo)

2004- Age 17 "99.9% Sure" EP (Second "Cover" Demo)

2006- Age 19 "Blessings in My Life" (First original single, recorded for online radio station Dixie Boy Radio. Song was #1 on there charts for several weeks)

2011- Age 23 "My Kinda Country" (Original EP, Daddy's Home was on this "EP" Daddy's Home was written for the 29 men who lost their lives at the upper big branch mine in WV in April 2009. This song has been played over 70,000 times including internet and radio. This song is still being played on WV and Eastern KY's very own 100,000 watt station 96.5FM COAL COUNTRY)

2012- Age 24 "Country to the Bone" (First full original Album)