Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers

Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers


Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers play real Rock and Roll music rooted in the Blues. They are Austin Rocknroll. They play solid, original songs that make you want to dance, with smart, fresh lyrics that will hit home with audiences young and old alike.


The Return of Austin Rock -- Formed in April of 2007, the band's original name -- Josh Allen and the Whiskydicks – was inspired by their love of whisky - and the unfortunate aftermath of drinking too much of it. After finding that the local paper would not publish any of their show dates due to a certain four letter word appearing in their name, a decision was made to change the name to Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers. Known as one of the hardest working bands in South Austin, the Band has already played over 50 shows in the short 6 months they've been together. This grueling schedule has helped the Band build a solid fan base that has been eager for them to record an album. In October of 2007 the Band entered into two 24-hour marathon recording sessions at Music Lane Studios in Austin, Texas. After the 48 hours of recording, at 5:30 in the morning on October 11th, they emerged with the rough mixes of their first album: "Welcome to the Rockhouse." Heavy on guitar solos and an "honest, live" sound, "Welcome to the Rockhouse" is the studio translation of a typical Whisky Brothers live show - and it's some damn good Rocknroll.


Dust this Town

Written By: Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers

Could you put me on a postcard
send me someplace warm
hang me by the window
and keep me safe from harm
'Cause I got no destination
I got no strength to move
I can feel my life a-changing
but it's nothing I can prove

And I'll show you what I can
but I'm only what I am today

Could you lend a little shelter
hold my head against your breast
let me sleep 'til March or April
when I'll stand against the rest
And I won't put you on no platform
and I won't throw you down
I'll just love you best I can babe
'til my ashes dust this town

Dirty Dishes

Written By: Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers

Dirty dishes in the sink
cheap red wine, a late night drink
a little while I just get bored
lookin' around to find the right word

Cigarettes, shaky hands
a wandering mind, a weary man
same old clothes you always used to wear
same old face, just a colder stare

People cry, people scream
because a dream is just a dream
love in vain, love and theft
when love is gone there ain't nothin' left

Give a smile, make it cute
make it real or else we'll shoot
and if you got some words to say
you better say 'em now, today's the day

Freaky Blues

Written By: Josh Allen

Lookit all the freaky people
they been here before
when you laughed about your better half
and you cried about the war
now lookit how they cross your path
and tear the rules apart
in broad daylight they dance and sing
but they hide to cross their hearts

Now remember when you weren't so old
you were neither quite so young
like tumbleweed and dust you rolled
tryin to find some brighter sun
but now the days have picked up speed
and now you're out of breath
and now the words that gave you life
sound far too much like death

If you find out how you feel today
and still got words to speak
come on by to my place
we'll repaint my old antiques
and if I find myself distracted
or if my jaw is locked
put on a pot of tea my friend
and we'll turn off all the clocks

I been around a couple places now
tryin to find some where to breathe
every time I put down my feet
someone says "hey buddy, I think you'd better leave"
and my mind has been so busy
my heart's been gathering dust
but I know that where the river flows
there's always plenty time for love and trust

Now I know that it's a long road
I know I'm on my own
but I also know that I'd be a fool
to try and walk it all alone
so put your mind at ease now
put it off as best you can
and we'll drink a glass to better times
and we'll clap these dirty hands.

Dust Behind the Plow

Written By: Josh Allen

You turn and go back now
when there's nobody home
you stepped on the cracks and
now you take to the throne
you sit down, you skin up
you put some clothes on and you rise
with the steam from your coffee cup
and the smoke in your eyes

What worked before
it don't work no more
ain't nothing to be done

I sank a stone back east
I skipped a second to the west
I slipped away to find some peace
now I'm just lookin for some rest
even if the roots go deeper
I got my branches in the sky
I can't be nobody's keeper
I need my room to multiply

I been chasin down the mountains
I been jumpin high as hell
I scrape the faces off the fountains
drop the bodies down the well
at least the sky in wide
and that horizon ain't too near
there's no place here to hide
but there's nothin left to fear

You step back for a minute
that's all you gotta do
you don't need to be there in it
just to know that it's there in you
and the smoke around your head
it feels like dust behind the plow
as you stand up to go to bed
you know that's good enough for now.

Gotta Git Outta Here

Written By: Josh Allen

Who convicted you?
what'd they say you do?
hey man listen clear
we gotta git outta here

I'm not guilty too
but my free days are through
oh man I'm feeling weird
we gotta git outta here

It's all up in the news
but I keep hittin' snooze
they're tellin' me what to fear
we gotta git outta here

I'm gettin' outta bed
my eyes are dry and red
they're lurkin' in my mirror
we gotta git outta here

They're takin' all that's pure
corruptin' it with the cure
you can smell 'em gettin' near
we gotta git outta here

It's such an awful mess
it's too much to digest
one more whisky and a beer
and we gotta git outta here

We ain't got that much time
we can't just change our minds
I'm not bringin' up the rear
we gotta git outta here

You don't need to cross the sea
just to be able to see
things are not what they appear
we gotta git outta here.


'Welcome to the Rockhouse' (release date TBA)
'Live at Liberty Hill - 6/30/07' (bootleg) (2007)

Set List

-Freaky Blues
-With Wings
-This Train
-Love is Old
-Hey Hey it's Ok
-Gotta Git Outta Here
-Fine Line
-Everything is Outlawed
-Dust this Town
-Dust Behind the Plow
-Dirty Dishes
-Ties that Bind
-Time to Kneel
-Born at the Wrong Time

-Under My Thumb
-Icky Thump
-Subterranean Homesick Blues
-Where is My Mind
-The Sweet Escape
-Cortez the Killer
-James Alley Blues
-Waiting for the End of the World
just to name a few...

Long Gig - Three 45 min sets
Short Gig - One 45-60 min set