Josh Arnold

Josh Arnold


Josh Arnold is an emotive and dynamic performer whose style ranges from acoustic to atmosperic rock.The 12 songs written in a 6 month swirl of subconcious enlightenment are all part of "Fire in the Sun". Josh is yet to be signed to a label outside of Australia.


Josh Arnolds music today is best described as anything from Atmospheric/Rock to Acoustic /Roots. However, it was a halfbreed type of dirt was it more like hillbilly/punk, that had him banished from the Australian Country Music Scene more than 3 years ago.
Thank Heavens.....delivered into the clutches of a universally inspiring collection of songs which comprised the Album, "Fire in the Sun".
It was 12 songs written in a 6 month swirl of subconcious enlightenment that not only marked the turning point of this young mans life, but proved that the search for ones musical plateau is indeed infinite.
The songs, with not one lacking in statute, are all part of what is a groundbreaking Album that is symbolic of this emotive, dynamic and unique artist.
Beginning his career writing Bob Dylan inspired songs in high school more than 10 years ago his journey has since taken him through many different genres of music.
From folk to rock, than to country before being signed to ABC Music in 2001. The signing spawned 2 alternative country Albums before coming of age to produce his 3rd Album, "Fire in the Sun".
Highlights on the record include the uplifting "Courage", the heart thumping resonator, "Fire in the Sun", and of course "Mama Tina", which is a stirring tribute and biographical account of the life of Christina Noble.
Appearances of note on the Album include the smooth playing of Bob Dylans key guitararist, Charlie Sexton.
Also, the inspiring and passionate drumming of Midnight Oils Rob Hirst.
Since the Albums release last year Josh has appeared on Channel Sevens Sunrise and has received extensive airplay with 2 clips on Music Max.
Now in 2006, “Fire in the Sun” is set to be one of the major success stories of the year, not only in Australia but on the world stage.



Written By: Josh Arnold

out on the streets , estranged and alone
can't find a place amongst faces unknown
their stares seem immune to their lives without love
their bodies are racin',its never enough

but we are defined by something much more beautiful
we aligned by something its a miracle

what is the faith , is this why we're here?
to believe in their word and believe in their fear
is this the faith or just are hard sell?
gotta open your mind and look into yourself

cause we are defined , by something much more beautiful
we are aligned by something its a miracle

where is the light , mine not theirs
something they took to control and compare
what is the distance between you and I?
we are one being , one river of life


LP's - "Galvanize" released in 2001 , "Scarifier" released in 2003 and "Fire in the Sun" released in 2005.

Set List

Below is a current setlist that changes with each performance. All songs listed below are originals.

Flower Wild in See
Soft Light
Ripple on the Tide
Garden of Life
Losing Sunshine
One Night the Storm
Fire in the Sun
Mama Tina