Josh Barsell and The Sleepers

Josh Barsell and The Sleepers

 Los Angeles, California, USA

90's Brit Rock inspired songs with a good pop sensibility with strong vocal melodies.


Josh Barsell and The Sleepers is a Silverlake based band consisting of ex-members of many successful
bands (Strike anywhere, Dirty Little Secret, and current members of Kamikaze). Still a remarkably young
band, The Sleepers are the brainchild of Josh Barsell, former front man for the now disseminated
Transit. When word of mouth surfaced that Barsell's new project was debuting at Club Moscow in
mid November The Sleepers had 300 people in attendance with a line around the block. Since then
they have played several exclusive events at Bardot, CineSpace and Hemingways. Josh Barsell and The
Sleepers have recently signed a publishing deal with Desert Drive Publishing, a subdivision of Poison Tree, that will have
their songs shopped to appear in many movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Barsell grew up in Boston on a steady diet of the Charlatan's, the Verve, Fleetwood Mac, Ian Brown, and T-
Rex. He began writing songs and got his first band together at 21, after giving up a touring schedule as
a drum and bass DJ. His most recent solo effort, "What's the Plan" was recorded at Sunset Sound, by
Jason Mott (Beck, Rilo Kiley, Metallica.) "What's The Plan" has been praised by such esteemed talent as
Beck, Danny Harrison, and Trent Reznor, and is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster.

Their sound is a heartfelt and occasionally cacophonous reimagining of fuzzy guitar driven British rock in
the 90's. On record Josh Barsell and The Sleepers will remind you that lush evocative pop craft is not a
thing of the past, and live they will grab you by the ears and shake you awake. The Sleepers guarantee a
polished, energetic performance, and built in following.

"I really dig their sound and vibe, the recording came out great!" - Beck

". . .Sounds like Oasis if Noel Gallagher wasn't dead. He is dead. Isn't he?"- Zero Selon, Vice Magazine

"They're an amazing band and I wouldn't be surprised if they get signed right away!"- BoJesse ( BJC Events )

Some of our influences include: Oasis, The Verve, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Cardingans, The Charletons, Ian Brown and many British 90's bands that are classic or contemporary.


Josh Barsell and The Sleepers - LP
Get Yourself Right - Single

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Set List

Get yourself right
Looking forward back
For what you believe
Maybe it's fine
If you love someone