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In the Year 3000

Written By: Josh Bonnett

I've decided to leave you all alone.
I've tried and tried it time and time again, always failing.
Got a rocket in my pocket and my hand on the trigger ready to pop it.
I'm sick and I'm tired of this box that's covered the world.

In the year 3000 I'm a man who's in love with the past.
No families live here, all children are born and then sent to build tunnel streets.
In the year 3000 we all melt the dead to fuel Earth City.
If you lived before don't waste your life.

I've been working on this time machine.
Well, actually I stole it 'cause now everyone's stealing.
It's too bad, to get it I had to kill my own brother and then love his lover.
He had it all; Class Alpha rating, bio-dome, cyclops girl.
Now I'm headed back to the past to ensure we never get born.

In the year 3000 I'm a man not satisfied with a robotic wife.
No need to be friendly, she'll cook and she'll clean, even give you wet dreams.
In the year 3000 we all eat recycled parts of each other.
If you lived before don't hate your life.

Shadows fall, daylight returns.
It's the year 2010, and I've fallen in love with a beautiful girl.

Her screams wake me each night as she dreams of a world drowned in people, but I'll never be able to tell her the truth.

(c) 2006 J.J.Bonnett