Josh Caress

Josh Caress


Josh Caress is a singer-songwriter who transcends that label by writing, producing, and performing some of the most innovative and compelling indie-rock on today's music landscape.


In the tradition of artists like Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters), Ryan Adams, Karen Peris (the innocence mission), and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service), Josh Caress is a singer-songwriter who transcends that label.
While his music is innovative, sometimes even experimental, the song always remains the most important thing. This makes for a brand of indie rock that is honest, passionate, and consistently compelling.
Although based in Massachusetts, Josh grew up all over the country. This background inspired songs that evoke the diversity of the American landscape, from Michigan's north country ("Northern Lights") and lake shore ("This Weakness") to L.A.'s San Fernando Valley ("Mulholland Never Looked So Sad") and the streets of New York City ("The City When it Rains"). All these songs appear on Josh's latest CD, "(summer friend)," a collection of the very best songs Josh wrote and recorded over the last three or four years. His next album, "Letting Go Of A Dream" is already nearly finished and close to being released. This record, for which Josh took a very conceptual approach, is at turns haunting and beautiful, catchy and heartbreaking. He is looking forward to sharing it.
While Josh has been writing songs and playing out to some degree since he was 16 years old, he is just now getting back into the game with his own music. He has recently headlined at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA, and opened for post-rockers Caspian at their landmark concert in Boston's Church of the Advent cathedral, but he has not played solo very often in the last few years due to his commitment to mainstay Boston rock band T as its lead guitarist. With T (formerly The Troubadours), Josh has played every Boston venue from The Middle East and T.T. the Bear's in Cambridge to Harper's Ferry in Allston and The Burren in Somerville, where they have had a monthly gig for the last couple of years. So he is no stranger to the stage and what it takes to engage an audience.
Josh Caress is poised to make his music, which has always been his love, into his full time passion. He is looking forward to playing all over America and giving everything he has at every single performance.


Josh's latest CD is 2005's "(summer friend)," featuring "This Weakness," which has been a great success on Josh's MySpace site.

Josh's next disc, "Letting Go Of A Dream" is forthcoming and nearly finished.

Set List

I can play a set of original music for up to three hours. I can also include covers. Some examples include Ryan Adams' "Oh My Sweet Carolina," The Band's "It Makes No Difference" and Neil Young's "Thrasher."