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Josh Cary


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Type: Full Length 8 Track Album
Title: "Need Your Love"
Label: Tate Music Group
Release Date: January 2012



Born and raised in the heart of it all, Canton, Ohio, Josh Cary was always drawn to music from the time he was a wee little boy. From listening intently to his dad play the guitar and sing, to repeatedly being found in the kitchen using his mother's pots and pans as a personal drum set. There was not a time you wouldn't find him either, singing, humming, or beating on anything he could get his hands on. (His poor parents!)

Ever since he received his first acoustic guitar on his third birthday he had always dreamed of "being a rock star" as he would have put it. Although, it wasn't until high school that he decided he wanted to start working towards making that dream into a reality. Josh had always found a way to use songwriting as an expression of feelings and personal experience, but little did he know, he was about to experience something that would change his life and songwriting forever.

When Josh was 17 years old, his best friend, and now wife, took him to her church for the first time. It was on that day, in that sanctuary that his Redeemer would meet him right where he was at. In all his sin, all his depression, all his pain Jesus Christ lifted him out and showed him that there was "so much more". Since then Josh would never tell you that life has been perfect or easy, but one thing he would tell you is that his Savior has been perfect and would never stop showing him that love he came to know on that first day in the sanctuary of his future wife's church. After this life changing moment, Josh Cary decided he would now use his music and songwriting ability to teach, encourage, praise and share the grace that he had been given.

After working on many different musical projects, Josh decided he had finally found his niche in the acoustic world with his first full length album titled "Need Your Love". Out of many good and bad life experiences comes passionate and inspiring lyrics that speak and relate to every listener. When mixing those lyrics with catchy musical melodies and a unique singing voice, it creates a one of a kind sound that you won't find anywhere else. Josh Cary would personally like to thank you for listening to and supporting his music!