Josh Casey - Comedy Juggler

Josh Casey - Comedy Juggler

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Josh’s show is a mash up of stand-up comedy and crazy unusual skills like catching a guitar with his face and water balloon juggling. Oh and there’s heaps of audience participation. It’s off the cuff and highly hilarious. He blows the mind out of your head with juggling skills that take years of unemployment to perfect. Plus his comedic tendencies lead the audience along a fun little adventure of live interactive hoopla.

Josh is a world record holding, theater degree having, knife juggling fo


Josh is a comedian juggler based in Wisconsin and has been traveling the country performing for colleges and universities since 2001. He has performed his show in 35 states and all across the country.

He learned to juggle when he was 12 years old and quickly began performing at every available opportunity earning the title of “Most likely not to have a real job”.

He went on to earn a degree in Theater Arts from Eastern Michigan University where he learned about jazz hands and how to fake cry. Josh then spent years performing for festivals, fairs, company parties and lots of random events before focusing on colleges which are his favorite.

“It’s exciting to perform a show that involves the audience so much, you end up with a lot of hilarious situations,” says Josh

Josh has the world record for sitting on the most whoopee cushions in 30 seconds. Seriously. He practices that kind of thing. He also coached Hugh Jackman on fire juggling for the Jay Leno show.

Josh keeps busy with his three kids, all under the age of 3. Yes, he juggles them.