Josh Cramoy - Solo Acoustic

Josh Cramoy - Solo Acoustic


Josh Cramoy is known for stunning vocals, powerful songwriting and an infectious passion for music that is reflected in his dynamic performance of originals and contemporary covers. His captivating style and music, coupled with his winsome ways & ability to turn an audience on, is second to none.


Starting out at age 16, Josh Cramoy has been writing and performing professionally for the past eight years to incredible reviews - as a solo artist, a duo (with brother Jeremiah on bass) and with his contemporary rock band JCb.

He is best known for his "captivating", "awesome" vocals (the words many fans and audiences use), his high performance energy and passion as well as his powerful original songs and startlingly true covers. From driving rock to emotionally charged ballads, his music grips the senses.

Typical comments from fans are:

"Josh has the kind of voice that can give you chills!"

"Sexy, thoughtful, fun qne insightful songwriting"

"One word - Awesome!"

"His music will leave you dancing, smiling, crying and thinking."

"Josh oozes talent!"

After opening for singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw, Josh's appearances and popularity have grown steadily at clubs, concerts and colleges throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Most recently, Josh was selected and performed as a 2007 Spotlight Showcase Solo Acoustic artist at the NACA Northeastern Regional college buying conference in Hartford, Connecticut. (His full band, JCb was previously a Mainstage Showcase act at the NACA Mid-Atlantic Festival in Monmouth, New Jersey and has opened for internationally acclaimed Celtic rock band Enter the Haggis and for Saturday Night Live comedian Jim Breuer.) Josh (as well as JCb) has also appeared numerous times at World Cup and National winter sports championships in Lake Placid, New York. He is now based in Boston.

Josh's second full-length CD with the band, featuring 12 of his latest originals will be released in 2008 with several of the songs already generating radio play in New York. Josh performs many of these songs acoustically as well.

Josh's infectious style and music, coupled with his winsome ways and ability to turn an audience on, is second to none. Hope you'll give a look and listen soon.


Many of Josh's original songs can be heard in this EPK or at his band's website -

His first full-length CD SAVING GRACE featuring 12 original songs written by Josh Cramoy performed by JCb was released in June of 2003. (Samples of each track can be heard at

An acoustic EP, FINDING YOUR WAY BACK featuring 5 songs by Josh Cramoy was released in September of 2002.

Set List

Josh typically plays an up to 4 hour performance of both original and cover music, varying the set list to fit the venue. He can offer up a more mellow mix of listening music or can rock out with 4 hours of music that keeps the crowd moving. For original-music venues he can keep the room focused with more than two hours of captivating original music.

Cover music includes the works of Rob Thomas, Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5, Creed, Sublime, Bare-Naked Ladies, Jack Johnson, Matchbox 20, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Weezer, O.A.R., Dispatch, Blues Traveler, Steve Miller and many more.

A current list of both original and cover songs performed can be found on the band's website at