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"Booker Review"

"In my humble opinion, Josh Denny is one of the top up and coming comics working the circuit today. I book hundreds of comics all over the country and Josh is one that I can see making it to the next level. He has worked over 100 rooms for my company and has had nothing but rave reviews. When I had Josh in my hometown club that I use to personally view my comics, Josh had me laughing so hard my face hurt!"
- Jesse Stone - Entertainment Shack in Murfreesboro, TN


"Honest Brutality" 2007



by James De Palma

Hailing from Philadelphia, Josh Denny displays a unique brand of comedy that carries no specific label. Described by many veteran comedic greats as having a "cartoon mind," you never know what you will get at one of his shows, whether a serious look at the ridiculous, or a totally ridiculous look at the serious.

While many comics native to the East Coast talk about racial and cultural differences, Josh Denny takes the opportunity to unleash all things hilarious without reservation, no matter what the subject, or what the risk. With a widely diverse upbringing involving military discipline, macho-mafioso lifestyles, interracial relationships, and a family of larger then life characters, this Irish kid from Chester, PA has hit the comedy "road" firing on all cylinders. In his first year of comedy, Josh went from hitting over 200 open mic shows in the first 6 months, to winning the 2007 Midwest Next Big Comic Contest and headlining comedy clubs across the nation, with his Verbally Vicious bretheren in tow, which features fellow Minnesota Comedians Daryl Horner, Kevin Craft, and Carly McMenoman.

"Verbally Vicious stands for everything I believe in: Taking everything taboo, or over the top, too racial, too sexual, or too dangerous for most comics to do, rolling it into an act, and proving that there truly is comedy in all aspects of life. I like showing that you can’t have any expectations. Some people preach it. We live it. We perform it."

This summer of 2008, Josh will release his first DVD/CD offering entitled "Honest Brutality."

"Honest Brutality is really the best way to describe how I live my life, and what my comedy is about. So many people in this world are afraid to say what they feel, what they believe in, what they love, what they hate...we are afraid to define who we are for the world to see. Honest communication is what will FORCE us to evolve intellectually as a species, and I believe that so much, that I unleash it without regard for human emotion, or people’s feelings. It’s more than Brutal Honesty. It’s Honest Brutality."

In 2009 the evolution of Josh's comedy continues, with a new perspective and intent wrapped in humor.

"I’d like to think there is a message in what I do. I think the level of ridiculous in my comedy parallels the level of ridiculous in the world today. I might change the way you look at your life and the people in it and around it, but if all I do is make you piss your pants, that’s pretty cool too."

Josh is also the host of a hit internet comedy radio show on BlogTalkRadio entitled "Raid-E O/X." Archived shows can be found on or on iTunes under Raid-E O/X.