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"Josh Dion is a breath of fresh air in a polluted mainstream music industry. In the land of the Indies he's a God.....Josh Dion has the ability to be a fresh face and voice in a world that right now has been set back years with the current music scene. With shows like American Idol stomping on the validity of musicians and their music it's with great pleasure that the music industry should welcome such a unique and talented visionary like Josh Dion and the band. It's not very often an artist sees something that the world doesn't, a shift or a change in the tides of music it's almost that time and it's possible Josh Dion may be leading the charge." -

"Drummer Josh Dion leads his tight, old school funk band as lead vocalist and MC, while directing some arresting grooves with cross-sticking and syncopated hi-hat patterns. It's R&B like it used to be played - heavy on parts and production, with solid arranging and nods to hip-hop and jazz." - Modern Drummer

"This album kicks off with the energetic and super-funky "Give Love." I've never seen this band live, but if that tune is any indicator, this is a fantastic live band. If it doesn't make you want to get up and move, you may want to check for a pulse.
The band follows the opener with "Take the Time," a soulful tune whose sound can best be described as B-I-G. Turn up the volume, then sit back and be enveloped by the sea of sound.
What kind of sound are we talking about? Well, in addition to nine original tunes, the band covers Stevie Wonder and Curtis Mayfield. And they do a good job of it. Not many bands can successfully pull off a cover of either of those artists. The band also features some big-time funky guitar and bass (check "Ugly" for some wicked bass lines), and some keyboards reminiscent of Booker T & The MGs.
Josh Dion is a rarity for a couple reasons. He is the drummer and lead vocalist. Not only that, but he is able to sing these songs without sounding winded at all. That's pretty impressive considering he is really pounding the skins on some of these tunes. Josh Dion Band gives a high-energy performance with huge sounds. This album really gives a good sense of their live performances. You can hear the band members talking to each other between songs, and each song just draws you in. Funk and soul fans, if you want an album that will get that booty shakin', pick up this album." -

~CD Of The Month~ ***** (out of five) : "...Brian Wilson meets Hall and Oates, with possibly Bruce Springsteen looking in and drums that sound like they were recorded at Muscle Shoals Studios. This is a collection of epic songs that build and move as songs used to in the old days when songwriters were exactly that and labels like Motown and Stax were market leaders....Great voice, great drums and great, great tunes...Dion is a young player that is going to create a very big impression indeed. Not only can this fella lay down a super funky beat, but he sings with a soulful voice that totally melts your mind...You are going to be hearing more from this extremely talented young musician...If there is any justice in this world, Dion will be huge." - Ian Croft, Drummer Magazine (UK)

"It only takes one song to realize that vocalist/drummer Josh Dion was born for the stage. Flanked by five friends and fellow jazz students from New Jersey’s William Paterson University, and owning a genuinely slackjawing command of ‘70s funk—especially for a white boy—Dion sweatily bashes his tom toms and cymbals with boundless soul at center stage, channeling the spirit of Earth, Wind and Fire and The Gap Band. To be certain, it’s a sight to behold. An admirably unchained writer, as the two-year-old band’s 'Give Love' attests, Dion and company focus on spreading positive vibes, lyrically. Musically, they like their freedom." - Wes Orshoski, Relix

"This is without doubt an unusual album. ...It’s an independent production that is so free of any pretensions that it blows in with the energy of a tornado. Add to that the maturity of such a young performer and you know that you have in your hands something VERY special...It is the raw soul of his voice and delivery that really makes you sit up and take notice. It is soul at its purest and simplest.... This is what music should be about, musicians being free and true to their art and heart. As Josh says 'Love is the only answer in this world of ice" To which I will add -- and good music like this!" - James Lewis, Smooth & Soul, Germany

"The whole LP is awesome! I'm lovin' it! It's got a very cool funky groove! 'Birdwalker' knocks me out and the harmonics on 'Almost' is amazing! The keys on 'Indecision' remind me of Billy Preston! This is a very fun record."
- Mark Radway,

"Josh Dion Band is full of energy and is reminiscent of classic music of the twentieth century. Essentially a funk jam band (though songs really only turn into jam sessions when live) with a touch of modern R&B, the Josh Dion Band is fun to listen to. With intense solos, energetic lyrics, and how the band makes it obvious the amount of energy and emotion they put to their music make them worth a listen. They spill their souls for you every time they play...The passion displayed by Dion when he is singing and the instrumental abilities of his band are enough for you to take notice. So if you get a chance to listen, please take notice of this unique band." - Tom Williamson, Northeast In-Tune

As a one-time member of New York City’s funk and jazz hybrid ulu, Dion’s flair for writing cohesive yet complex tunes evolved into his own group. Live! captures the man and his band giving smoking performances in New York, Connecticut and Virginia clubs. The trio of musicians surrounding him — plus the sultry yet twangy vocals of Sarah Versprille — provides the perfect sonic environment for Dion to lay down heavy grooves and funky beats while emoting in classic singer/songwriter style. Whether covering Curtis Mayfield (“Let’s Do It Again”) and Stevie Wonder (“Boogie On Reggae Woman”) or cranking out memorable original jams like “Bedroom Eyes” and “Birdwalker,” the Josh Dion Band exude a sonic energy that must be highly contagious in a live setting. - Sea Of Tranquility

Josh Dion and company are old school cool. They’re real musicians playing real songs on real instruments. And they’re doing it real damn good, particularly on this live release. Juggling duties as leader and lead vocalist, Dion belts out the band’s jam-thick tunes with a rich voice that proves white guys might just have soul after all. And that’s not even the coolest part. Dion, not only sings…
… He plays all the drums too. And dude is appropriately funky and skilled, a born pocket player with plenty of slick licks that keep a beat bouncy and interesting, like on the intro of “Boogie on Reggae Woman” with its infectious sixteenth-note rim-clicks. Fast-forward to the 16 minute-plus “Birdwalker” for a dash of Dion’s chops.
A drummer-led soaked jam band that isn’t afraid to work up a sweat. Or sling it around. Bring a towel. - Drum! Magazine


Live! - 2006
Give Love - 2005



Breathe deep! The Josh Dion Band are looking to connect with you through the power of song and an energetic live performance! Singing drummer Josh Dion leads this unique, five-piece roots rock band through every show with unparalleled energy and virtuosity. Expect this band to pull you in with their sincerity and soul; by the show’s end you’ll be a fan for life. Look for their new record “Anthems For The Long Distance” to be released in early 2008.