Josh Doughty

Josh Doughty


Josh takes the intoxicating, complex melodies and rhythms of the 21-string West African kora and merges them with his own British cultural background. To see and hear Josh play is to witness a unique, uplifting cross-cultural fusion. His skill with this beautiful instrument is simply astounding.


When Josh learned to play his first tune on the kora at the age of 8yrs he knew then that playing this beautiful instrument would become his life’s ambition. The kora, a 21-stringed harp unique to West Africa, has become recognised worldwide and its popularity continues to grow following extensive tours by the Malian master kora player Toumani Diabate.

Born in Wales in 1990 he now commutes between Wales and London, regularly performing in both. He spent his formative years learning traditional West African pieces from a number of Master Kora Players and since 2005 has been been a pupil of Toumani Diabate.

In January 2009, with an award from Welsh Arts International, he travelled to Toumani’s home in Mali to receive further tuition. During his stay he had the great privilege to play with Toumani’s band at the famous Diplomat Club in Bamako.

He now performs in the UK and internationally, in venues such as Ronnie Scott's and at festivals such as Kaya, Small Nations and Shambala among others.

His talent extends to recording and production and has produced two of his own albums, and played on other albums for producers such as the celebrated Kenny Young.

Having grown up playing an instrument from a culture far removed from his own, and yet integrating it so completely into his life, Josh has gained recognition from traditional hereditary kora players for his style of playing, which is both authentic and unique.


Solo Album. 2007

Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa; Released 2012