Josh Ferguson

Josh Ferguson


The sound of Josh Ferguson will please any listener. Rooted with Acoustics, and including pop, rock, country and inspirational music, the smooth sound of this band accompanied by the powerful voice of Josh Ferguson, is sure to catch, and please anyone's ear.


This group was started in 2007 in Clarksville, TN, in a local pizzeria, Chris' Pizza Village. A result of a handful of talented musicians whose paths crossed as co-workers and spending time between work to jam to their favorite songs. Since, the four have performed at numerous venues. and brought a new essence of music to Clarksville. What seperates this group from the others is the sum of its parts. Drummer Cameron Reed, has been playing drums from the age of 7. He is vastly experienced in a wide variety of instruments, and is skilled in each one. Bassist Jordan Hayes brings a unique quality to his art, in that his creativity and knowledge combinded with his tenured experience, create a perfect accent to the music specific to this band. Chris Block, a multi-talented musician, has been a Clarksville favorite for over 5 years, his passion and creativity bleed through whatever side of the stage he is on. Lastly, this group is headed by Josh Ferguson. Josh has been a decorated vocalist, and a mainstay in the Clarksville music scene, since his days in High School. He has performed at major events such as: The Rivers and Spires Festival('05, '06, '07, '08), RiverFest('06, '07), the '07 TN State Basketball Championship, Austin Peay, and many other venues in Clarksville. His warm and powerful voice has awed listeners in the Mid-State since 2005. Together, this band creates a vastly unique, satisfying and awesome performance, in any capacity.


TBR - Winter 2009

Set List

Performances able to fill slots of 25 minutes up to 2 hours. Can include Acoustic covers only, or Acoustic/Electric. Can play sets secific for Jazz, Acoustic, Rock, Country, or Contemporary Christian music.
Covers include acoustic and electric versions of songs perfromed by popular artists such as: Maroon 5, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Daughtry, Building 429, Jason Mraz, Rascal Flatts etc..