Josh Gabriel

Josh Gabriel

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN

subtle, uncomplicated, honest, sexy... YES. It can be listened to whether you're drivin' down the highway, hangin' at the pub, entertaining guests at home, makin' things clean or makin' things dirty! It is a piece of me and my tale, Have a listen... have two... have a cd... see a show...


Singer/Songwriter/Photographer/Studio Manager - 2012

After a long number of years touring across North America as a solo Singer/Songwriter, Josh Gabriel quietly settled back into his home in Guelph, Ontario.
Continuing to be a part of a growing local artist scene in Wellington County, Josh Gabriel has spent the better part of the past four years helping to set up the ground roots of a new Recording Studio in the farm land between Guelph and Kitchener, Ontario.

Turtleshell Studio has seen a long list of talented artists pass through over the years. Josh is included in that list as well, as he has spent time in between his own writing and photography efforts, recording on other musician's projects.

His most recent full length disc "Beyond The Stars" (2008) is available for listening or purchase on Itunes, CD Baby as well as off of his website where you can find all the latest tour details, social feeds, updates and more.

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1. Beyond The Stars- Extended Ed. (2009)
2. Beyond The Stars- Full Length Disc (2008)
3. Beyond The Stars- Ltd. Ed. (2007)
4. Sunday Night & Monday Morn. EP (2006)
5. Soul Tune EP (2006)
6. This Ain't A Punch Line EP (2006)
7. Kick Her Ass EP (2006)
8. Sunday Night & Monday Morn. - Full Length Disc (2003)

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There is no such thing. With a repertoire of over 200 of his own songs, several dozen of his favourite cover songs, and a thousand and one ridiculous stories and voices at his disposal, a set or two with Josh falls nothing short of entertaining.