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Josh Garrett

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Blues


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"Home cookin’ straight from the Bayou"

There is a great scene in the U2 Video “When love comes to town”. In the beginning, they are shown rehearsing with B.B. King, and at one point, Bono reads the lyrics of the song to B.B. After Bono recites the last line, Mr. King says: “Gee, you seem awful young to be singing such heavy stuff young man…”

I listened to the first cut “Preacher” before I read Josh’s bio. I wanted to see what came to mind before I read anything that might influence me. At first I thought I might have to quote B.B. King as the tone and mood of the song evoke images of a man who has walked down a few roads in his life. “This can’t be the same kid that I saw in the photo…” I thought to myself. There is a little too much soul and feeling to come out of this guy with no wrinkles. Then I decided to keep listening. I listened more and was tapping my toes and scratching my head at the same time. Great music, but more depth than I can really put into perspective given the images of this young guy with a the white Tele.

Then I read the Bio.

It was not very long ago at all that Josh Garrett was serving in the US Army, stationed in Iraq. I do not need to know the details to imagine this is the kind of experience that has to change a man. I have never served in the Army, I have never been shot at nor have I ever wondered if today might be my last day on earth. Josh Has.

What impresses me so about this album is that Josh’s experiences are not strewn all over the record like a resume. Granted, “Damn Shame” is clearly a very heart-felt vocalization of some pretty deep thoughts. But in “Zydeco Boogaloo”, the mood and the music are both just Rippin’. Overall, what I have heard here is both joyful and joyus. Josh knows how to whoop up a groove. The band is excellent and the tones fit the sound to a “T”.

“I’m drawn to all things Louisiana, it’s my culture and I try to embrace it,”
Born in New Roads, LA in July 1979, and raised in the bayou town of Houma, LA, Josh Garrett has spent the last five years touring the United States with his own flavor of very energetic Louisiana Blues. Garrett mixes his stuff with New Orleans Funk, Zydeco, and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the outcome is like one of those home made cakes where the icing is running down the sides; your hands are definitely gonna get sticky.

Josh Garrett released his debut album, “Changed Man” in 2008, most of which was reflective of his tour of duty in Iraq. On November 20th 2009, Garrett released his second album, “Live on Printer’s Alley”. This double-live disc was recorded in early February 2009 at “Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar” on Historic Printer’s Alley in Nashville, TN.

What I like most about Josh’s guitar playing is that he just lays it down. His band is very tight and he really sits back in the groove with them, meshing like a chain-link fence. When it comes time to step out, he can definitely let-rip. Fun tones and gritty riffs play a perfect counterpoint to his smooth voice. Judging from Josh’ healthy list of tour dates, he and his band stay plenty busy. For those who are looking for a live act with fat-ass grooves, great playing and fun songs, hook up with Josh Garrett and the Bottom Line. I suddenly have a craving for Jambalaya.

Kevin Chisholm - Humbucker Soup

"Josh Garrett and the Bottomline"

Howlin Wolf Northshore, Mandeville, LA 3-19-10
By Leslie Michele Derrough
April 05, 2010

Louisiana is known for its great food. You get a big ole pot and begin throwing in crawfish, andouille, Tabasco sauce and garlic, start stirring in a big heaping of laissez les bons temps rouler and eventually you’re going to end up with a hot and spicy gumbo of savory flavors that send your soul into overdrive.

Like the cuisine, much of the music that is being brewed here in the deep south is sizzling with zesty chunks of funk, Cajun zydeco, jazz, blues and good old fashioned rock n roll all kneaded together into one hell of a beignet. There is no other sound like the sound of Louisiana.

On a Friday night, just a hoot and a holler from the Big Easy, a band was playing at a small intimate club in Mandeville called The Howlin Wolf Northshore. Known for their eclectic variety of shows, the band playing on this particularly warm night was Josh Garrett and the Bottomline.

Yes, this guy has been around a few years, humping the circuit with his funky brand of horns and guitar spice. He has a reputation that preceeds him and it is well deserved. For on this night, he lit up this little southern enclave like a red-hot smoking firecracker of bluesy sauce spilled on the grill. Smoke and sweat. You can picture it, I know you can.

Intermixing originals from his 2008 debut cd “Changed Man” with laid back blues standards, Josh served up some raw emotional guitar artistry, especially on “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”. The guy just leans his head back and goes to town, lost in the pure sacrifice of the notes. He’s no over-glorified pin-up boy ala John Mayer. No, Josh makes love to the frets with a slowness that anyone with an ounce of love for blues guitar will certainly appreciate. I had chills on several songs; one of them being the old traditional “Wade In The Water”.

Josh’s band The Bottomline accentuated him perfectly, knowing when to get down and when to just lay back and let the man go into his orbit. Featuring red-hot sax player Matt Gros, Mark Levron on the trumpet, Mark Kryvanick on the bass & Brian Dowd on the drums, the band was tight & loose at the same time.

You also could tell that these guys were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Their interaction was genuine, as it was with the crowd. At one point Josh was off amongst them soloing for all he was worth in the middle of a congregation of enthusiastic supporters. You would have thought it was Sunday at a Pentecostal church.

If you have not caught this band in your neck of the woods, they are out there, no doubt close by, so check out the website for tour dates and catch them if you can. You will not be disappointed. Their most recent CD is Live On Printer’s Alley. - Glide Magazine


Changed Man
Live on Printer's Alley



Born in New Roads, LA in July 1979, and raised in the bayou town of Houma, LA, Josh Garrett has been entertaining audience all over the country for the last five years with his own style of Louisiana Blues. Garrett’s style is a mixture of LA Blues, New Orleans Funk, Zydeco, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. “I’m drawn to all things Louisiana, it’s my culture and I try to embrace it,” says Garrett. He received an old acoustic guitar from his father when he was eleven years old. “[The guitar] was an old ’76 Alvarez. It was his guitar and he gave it to me. I was glad to get it and I haven’t put it down since.” say Garrett.

The band's most recent addition is a DOUBLE Live album entitled; "Live on Printer's Alley". This new album has captured the energy that is released at one of Garrett's live shows. It was recorded live in early 2009 on Nashville's historic Printer's Alley. The album contains brand new original compositions like, "Damn Shame" and "Take Me Home". There is a true Louisiana flavor that runs through each tune on this album.

In 2008 Josh Garrett released his debut album, “Changed Man”. Most of the tracks on the album were composed during his time deployed with the U.S. Army to Iraq. The self-produced album is a direct reflection of Garrett’s Louisiana heritage, and the feelings brought about by his deployment to Iraq. He says, “I enjoyed recording the album, and I’ve already started writing for the next album.”

Garrett has also recently joined another project called “Six Strings Down”. The band consist of four guitar players/band leaders from South Louisiana - Josh Garrett, John Lisi, “Westbank Mike” Doussan, and Billy Iusso. The band has recently finished its first studio project with Hot Tamale Records and special guest “Big Chief” Monk Boudreaux, Johnny Sansone, and Jimmy Carpenter. The album, mastered by Tab Benoit, is an exploration of American music in a New Orleans style.

“I feel like I’m at the beginning of my career. There’s alot more for me to do, a lot more place to go, a lot more shows to play, and a lot more albums to record,” say Garrett.' Josh Garrett has become known for his soulful vocals, emotion infused guitar styling, and that South Louisiana flavor that only comes from those with Louisiana in there blood.