Josh Gilligan

Josh Gilligan


I am an independent Folk artist from Ocala, Florida. I write music about the events in my life that have shaped me into who I am. The messages of the songs I write are just as important to me as the arrangements are. I want to write music that joins people together and motivates them to action.


Native Floridian Josh Gilligan grew up constantly finding himself surrounded by all things music, so it was only a matter of time before he began to develop his own creative pursuits. Pulling on his multi-instrumental abilities, and an artistic vision crafted over time via studies in a variety of mediums, his music is best described as Folk Rock that rides a delicate balance between the two genres. Having grown up in a musical family his talents began formulating at a young age, starting with the trumpet at age 11 and eventually covering bass, guitar and piano as the years progressed, culminating to the production and release of his debut album Flesh and Blood.

Recorded at his friend and musical colleague Thad Kopec's lakehouse, Flesh and Blood is bolstered by the roomy atmospherics, open floor and wood build that the home encompasses. The LP was Mastered by TW Walsh, who has worked with artists like Sufjan Stevens, David Bazan, J Tillman and Rosie Thomas. The album is a true testament to Josh's abilities, and for the most part everything (except the drums - David Rau, and the violin - Kirby Lin) is Josh at his best. Thad Kopec provided lead guitar on "Let Go," while the album engineer Jeremeiah John Dunlap not only helped craft the album's sonic footprint, but added some of the lead on the track "Open Eyes."

Recently featured on, The Music Ninja, and Independent Music News UK's "Top 10 Artists worth discovering on Bandcamp," the word on the street is that this young talent is one to keep an eye on. Josh enjoys collecting instruments, and is an admitted gear obsessor who enjoys utilizing the vast depths of Craigslist to find the latest in hand-me-down musical gems. He draws inspiration from live shows and artists like Ryan Adams and Wilco, and tends to write his music on a whim, whenever the inspiration takes hold. "New seasons always bring about new emotions that open up the door for me to write fresh material. I write best outside with my guitar. Most of my songs were written outside. It's a fun process. I try to keep it stress-free and not force anything."

With plans for more EP's in the near future, new content is never far away. A graduate from the College of Central Florida with an Associate in Arts, he is currently continuing his studies at Berklee College of Music for Music Production. Grab his debut album Flesh and Blood for free from his Soundcloud or extend your support by downloading it on iTunes.


Fear - Single
Flesh and Blood - LP