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"Students boogie for cancer research."

Published Monday, April 5, 2004

For 10 hours, the students danced in the first Boogie Night Dance for Cancer, a dance marathon sponsored by the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). The event was created in memory of NSCS member Lauren Wille, who passed away from osteosarcoma last year. The event has raised over $7,000 to date, estimated Lorrin Millette, NSCS president and senior in communications. The money raised will be donated to the Cancer Center Research Foundation at University of Chicago Hospital, where Wille received treatment.

"I love to dance," Hendricks said. "This gives people incentive to donate. More people are willing to give (money) to you because it seems like you're willing to actively participate."

The marathon featured an array of performers including American Idol contestant Nicki G., local band Illini Contraband and a number of University dance troupes. The highlight of the event, however, was a performance from artist Josh Holmes, who played covers of popular hits and original songs from his latest CD.

"Josh Holmes (got the best response) hands down," Millette said. "He is probably going to be a huge local guy around here; he had the hugest fan base after his performance. Everybody came up and wanted his autograph and bought all of his merchandise. He was so fantastic."

Although Holmes' music — a sound reminiscent of artists such as John Mayer and Matchbox Twenty — was a shift away from the dance music played most of the night, his mix of familiar classics and new material won the crowd's attention.

"If you had to put a label on it I'd say it's soul-rock," Holmes said of his style. "When I'm doing an event like this, I know people want to have fun and if people aren't as familiar with me I'll play some of my more upbeat cover songs and sneak some of my originals in."

Holmes said playing at the event was as positive for him as it was for NSCS.

"It's good to reach out to the college market. Because I just graduated a year ago, I listen to the same music as college people. We're all pretty much the same age group," Holmes said. "I definitely like playing the college market because I can relate to those people and they can relate to me."

Holmes decided to donate half the proceeds from merchandise sold at Boogie Night back to the cause.
(Edited for length) - By Courtney Linehan | Staff writer for the Daily Illini

"Local artist excited about new album, potential deals."

Musician getting ready to release album, going on tour and considering deals.

Josh Holmes’ voice makes him a musical chameleon.

One minute he covers a Temptations song and sounds as soulful as any ‘60s or ‘70s Motown crooner, and then he sings “La Bamba” in Spanish as if it was his native tongue. Next comes a cover of John Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses.” Holmes’ voice sounds so much like Mellencamp’s, it’s eerie. He follows with an imitation of Rod Stewart that crosses the line of comic parody. He is a one-man musical variety show.

Holmes took his one-man show to the Claddagh Irish Pub on the north side of Indianapolis Oct. 25.

The 25-year-old Holmes is a step up from many performers who sing and play acoustic guitar as a solo act. He has a fluid style of playing and does not back away from playing pieces more suited to an amplified electric instrument.

He also grasps the concept of the guitar as a percussion instrument. He plays with a percussive quality that drives his music. Holmes mutes strings as he plays and at times imitates the sound of a snare drum being struck with a brush. It sounds like a drummer is sitting in, but it’s just Holmes and his guitar.

But the voice is the real story on Josh Holmes. His intonation is great regardless of what song he is singing. And he has more than a hint of soul in his voice. It seems as though he can sound like anyone he wants. And he makes it look easy.

The senior telecommunications major at Purdue-Calumet got a good dose of musical variety at home when he was a child and decided he wanted to become a musician at an early age.

“My mom liked Motown and my dad liked rock’n’roll,” Holmes said. “My dad took me to see La Bamba when I was a little kid, and that was it; I knew I wanted to play the guitar.”

Holmes gets excited as he talks about performing, his eyes dancing with the same energy that he showed on stage a few minutes before. He is finishing his new album, A Table 4 One, and is getting ready for a three-day, 15 performance tour to promote the album. The 2003 Hoosier Fans Tour will run from Nov. 21-23 and will visit almost every corner of the Hoosier state. The all-ages shows are being held in coffee houses and record shops from South Bend to Evansville.

The three days are just part of a November schedule that will see Holmes perform 31 times. He is building a solid career, and some of the record companies have taken notice.

After seeing Holmes perform, it’s not hard to imagine that someday, with a bit of luck, he will be featured in the New York Times. And many other publications as well.
(Edited for length) - By Charles Tidd - Staff Writer for The Sagamore


Josh Holmes leads a life devoted to music.

He's been slogging away at it for years, after inspiration from legend Ritchie Valens drove him to pick up and learn guitar at age 7.

Holmes, 26, tried several projects before branching out on his own in 1998. His first release, "At the End of the Tunnel," spawned from these efforts and he never looked back.

Four more albums followed including the 2004 release of "A Table for One," a highlight of a year of incredible accomplishments.

Holmes toured tirelessly in 2004, venturing to more than 250 shows and traveling more than 50,000 miles across the Midwest, including Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio — a feat many artists never come close to reaching in a year.

That's not all.

The year also brought Holmes a new contract with Oarfin Distribution. The album, "A Table for One," became part of the Oarfin family, which includes artists such as Jack Johnson, Prince and Johnny Lang.

On stage he is disarmingly funny and performs with such intensity that fellow artists in the soul rock genre, such as Howie Day, John Mayer or Guster, appear lackluster in their efforts.

Off stage he is a sponge for any chord progression to pass by his ear. He constantly is adapting to and improving his own personal style.

While most notably influenced by Motown and soul rock, such as the Temptations, a peek into his CD player at one particular moment reveals a buffet including Ben Harper, Boyz 2 Men, Prince, Howie Day, Guns 'n' Roses, Meatloaf, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and Metallica.

"Your music should speak louder than your image," he said. "Keep your standards high and strive to stay true to yourself — no selling out." Holmes stressed the importance of respect for the people who have invested time into mastering their instrument — from guitar, to voice to piano.

He says many great musicians take the time to master the guitar and then revert back to playing relatively simply songs, but playing them extraordinarily well.

"Before you break the rules, you have to learn them first," he said. Holmes will open for Virginia Coalition Tuesday at the Patio, Indianapolis. He also can be found in West Lafayette's Where Else Bar every Tuesday for Purdue's spring semester.

When he's not on stage or otherwise absorbed in music, Holmes says his life is simple.

"I sleep and watch MTV's 'Pimp my Ride.'"

(Edited for length) - Written by Karen Taylor - ETC. (Entertainment * Television * Community)


Latest Release: "Stripped Down Volume 1 & 2" (2008)

Other Release: "2nd Generation Loss" 2006 (original Top 40, Upbeat dance, melody/lyrically oriented).

“A Table 4 One” (2004)

As of June 2004, Josh is currently receiving airplay from over 400 stations (confirmed) nationwide. He is currently doing radio spots and/or shows in the following states: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and Iowa. This includes several commercial stations (100,000 watts plus) in markets such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Tampa, New York City, Hawaii, and San Diego.

Josh's song "Greener on the Other Side" from his recent CD "A Table 4 One" was picked up by ABC network and played in its entirety during the season finale (Episode #108) of their series "Beautiful People."



The Musician
Indiana native and Chicago area favorite, Josh Holmes, melds guitar-driven rock and roll with insightful lyrics and no-holds-barred live performances. The dynamic performances vary in format from Josh playing solo, to the high energy and sound of his full band shows. The band has been described as "impressively cohesive and a group beyond their years." Reviews like these, combined with an ever-growing fan base, it is no wonder that this project has left such a huge impression on his fans.

Singer/songwriter Holmes was raised on Motown and classic rock and roll. His musical style manages to reflect his varied influences including artists such as; Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, Smokey Robinson, and the Temptations, while maintaining a modern sound. Part rock and roll troubadour and part guitar prodigy, the self-taught Holmes puts on energetic, eclectic, and extremely entertaining live performances. A typical show includes solid musicianship interspersed with humor, rock and roll history lessons, improvisations, and audience participation. Whether you catch Josh Holmes solo or with his band, you are guaranteed an exciting musical experience. It is these live performances that have made Josh Holmes a favorite throughout the Midwest.

The Music
Josh Holmes started touring and recording original music in 1998 releasing four CDs under his group name, The Josh Holmes Band, leading to thousands of CD sales.

November 2003 marked a change in the direction of Holmes when he released his first solo album under his own name, Josh Holmes, entitled, A Table 4 One. The launch was coordinated with a national radio market release, where it has been extremely well received with numerous songs added to radio’s current rotation. A Table 4 One has created a buzz among the commercial radio market and has been picked up at popular Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, Tampa, Hawaii, San Diego and Atlanta commercial stations. This radio exposure, combined with the success of Josh’s CD at popular internet music sites has recently attracted Sony Pictures/ABC network to incorporate Josh’s song “Greener On the Other Side” into the season finale of their popular series, “Beautiful People.” While his current CD continues to make its way around the national market, his fans can be sure that Josh will be working on more original music for the future.

The Future
With the recent 2006 release of his CD entitled, 2nd Generation Loss, Josh is already drawing the attention of many industry executives, who, like his numerous fans, have been astounded by the range and depth of his musical compositions on this CD. What makes Josh stand out beyond just his appealing vocals and well mastered sound, is the drive and dedication he puts into every aspect of his musical career. Whether it is Josh by himself or accompanied by other musicians, Josh Holmes can be found touring the Midwest at an average rate of three to four shows per week. Recently Josh has secured national distribution through OarFin Distribution. Josh tours regularly to continue the solid growth of his fan base. He coincides his touring with targeted appearances at showcase dates and a series of promotional events, including the Chicago Apple Store located on Chicago’s trendy Michigan Avenue. This musician, with his natural talent and drive, is moving with great force and speed beyond the bounds of the Midwest. Do not fail to take note of this talent, for at the rate Josh Holmes' career is growing, this will not be the last time you will hear of his name.