Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
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My music is for the reckless, for the downtrodden, for the hopeless romantics who cant stand the way society is so fast food service these days.


Paving his own path in the Boston hip hop scene with countless shows under his belt, H.W. (also known as Hazardous Wastes) brings us his newest effort, A Year's Worth of Worry. This release is a cohesive collection of songs that share his vivid stories of life’s challenges. Once again, H.W. shows the hip hop community how he contributes to the Boston scene with a truly unique style of rap that is serious and insightful yet cynical and sarcastic. His lyrics often portray him as a sensitive person -- but the intense honesty he puts behind each track maintains his hard edge. The deeply moving content of H.W.’s material on AYWOW is so powerful and real that the listener will likely develop a personal connection with his music after just a couple songs. All heart and no lies, H.W. is a passionate emcee and an aspiring entrepreneur. He is the owner of the independent label, Delusional Records, which he founded in 2002. He also works closely with DJ Emoh Betta (Deck Demons), one of Boston’s most talented DJs. H.W. has big plans for 2010 – be on the lookout.


A Day In The Life

Written By: Joshua Decosta

I spend my nights alone
Searching for life within these brittle bones
Touch fingertips to keyboards is how I wrote poems
About the the roads I've known paths well beaten down
Seemingly enough want to hear about my dreaming now
Don't try to decipher it I've spent many years guessing
what it means who was there all the pain does is build lessons
For me to learn from some would sooner see me drown
then lend a hand out to this fraction of a frown
I stay away from people cause all they do is disappoint me
Spend lots of time with exes cause they know builds this tree
Its water and seeds its the feel to be needed
By the one that I've been chasing yet she never gets the reading
Writing balled after balled you guys can keep guessing
Which is the one that I'm contained within the capsules real message
I feel respect is something I don't taste that often
Can't seem to dig up the dirt that I've put on top of this coffin
Call it the death of hope the death of love the death of something pure
You think you got the answers to questions I've been asking sure
Go ahead and test this trust a little more
You've seen the score 10 to none your always right I'm always wrong
So string me along but bring me good tidings
Ive felt the force of thousands every night that we were fighting
Strike like lighting i hope your world crumbles
For every minute i spent on the phone crying about my troubles
The rubbles clearing now I'm building better foundations
Don't come stomping through my town when the rain brings devastation
calculated every fuck up every time we had a difference
Talk about taking advantage i should have left you the very instance
came home from Maine you stained my soul that night
Another chance I get to play the child lost in constant fright
Now my sight slightly skewed cant find the good inside people
Only fueling this fool to find out nobodies equal
A sequel to this ya only time will tell
If I'm to fall into trap sent back to earth from hell
Call me out when I'm happy saying its just too much
That i should give a piece to her when the roads are rough
Ive wrote enough about you i hope you find what you wanted
Cause were not getting back together this much i can promise
Lets be honest with each other for once you lied so many times
That lately Ive been wondering where the truth died
I feel like since i survived I'm better person for it
no longer trudging through the forests of lost for some opening
This planet is too small for the injustice Ive felt
Ive got another in world good food and great health
So this is it my death Ive found the cure for the venom
No longer hiding in hell I'm stepping up in levels


Written By: Joshua Decosta

I Cant seem to wash the stains off my soul
The pain that unfolds is finally ending its toll
I'm breaking this mold blown out finally free
The queens timing was nothing short of a catastrophe
and Its this life i lead every sentimental moment
that Brings me closer to the point of auto focus
I wrote this to tell you all hopes about 5'8
Dark hair dark eyes with a booty that gyrates
I'm Just keep trying to keep the plate full
Everyday trying to show you why I'm so damn grateful
For every time i stared deep into your eyes
And saw a piece of my future yes it looks like a good life
Just make it last make it right thats all I'm hearing
Between microphones and tour maps thats whats been reeling
Ive got a feeling this could last past my lifetime
If i could look into my future maybe use a lifeline
Just take your time josh savor every moment
and stop with the puts downs she seems turned off from it
So this goes out to the girl in my world
Don t let me let you down causing rift between curls

I cant figure you out i cant figure me out
I don't know why my minds filled with such doubts
I've got a good thing now I've got a good thing how
The rains coming down but all i see are brighter clouds

So strip the shield down break me off a piece of you
Tends to be to personal but i want to share something true
My life a skewed within the dreams of a peaceful new
And i guess you can I'm smiling more then a few
Times a day my life has its moments of crazy
From the minutes i wake till I'm sleeping and maybe
We have some common goals wants of being with somebody cool
Separating from the past were better then those two
I guess I'm saying happiness is what you make of it
And I'm glad I'm sharing it with you thanks for the embracement
I don't know where the road going to take us
But as long as your there I'm down for the cause
Because you make me laugh make smile with each statement
Pick apart my flaws make me stop with the hating
I feel amazing and its shocking how it came to be
The light at end of the tunnel was there and never seen
Just stick around i swear in worth my weight in gold
And one day you'll know when the plans have unfolded


A Year's Worth Of Worry
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Set List

Typical Set List:
A Brief Tale
Faded Memories
Just Another Man
Brutally Beautiful
You Cant Front On That

I can do anywhere from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours worth of original material.