Josh Irby Band

Josh Irby Band


This is rock music that is not afraid to be honest. Acoustic and heartfelt yet driven by a rhythm that evokes the true emotions of life - love, pain, joy, and disappointment. Music for the whole person.


Friends making music is the best way to describe the foundation of the Josh Irby Band. Although Josh has written songs for years, a transformation happened as the band began to form. What had always been singer/songwriter acoustic tunes suddenly took on a fullness that Josh had only before heard in his head. The Reed brothers, who for the first year of the band never played the same instruments two concerts in a row, added a bit of bluegrass flavor to the mix. Brian, who cut his teeth in hard-rock circles, added the groove that allows the songs to drive and move. Phil rounds out the instrumentation with bass licks that are aggressive without over-powering. Finally, when Josh married Taylor in Dec '03, he not only found a wife but an incredible vocalist to fill out the band.

Just coming off of their first studio recording experience, the JIB is looking forward to getting their music into the hands of more music-lovers. The EP is scheduled for release in August 2005.


Josh Irby Band EP (2005)

Set List

1 1/2 hours of music.

Heart Back
Everyone Laughs
Not as Bad
It always Rains
All I Fear
Lonely Cathedrals
Beautiful Child
My Prosperity
Not Alone
Your Kind of Love
White eyes