Josh & JB

Josh & JB



Born and raised in San Diego, California brother’s Josh and JB Welch along with their childhood friend Robert Gonzalez “a.k.a” Gonzo make up this talented intellectual young group. Not only are these guys musically inclined but they are also heading up their own record label “Junior Records” of which day to day activities are being filmed and being aired on national television. They are also the youngest people to put together their own record label.

Josh & JB are from a multi-racial background (African American, Hispanic and Caucasian) and come from a musical background. Theatre and dance experience for Josh and JB stemmed at an early age from when their family opened a San Diego based theatre and dance group called "Applause Theatre" both JB and Josh stepped onto the stage for live performances in plays like "Rumors" and "Our Town" and performed with the La Jolla Stage Company in the performance of "Amadeus". Since then Josh & JB have both been under the acting guidance of Hollywood and Broadway directors and under the guidance of great choreographers.

Josh is currently in the 10th grade and the younger of the two. His influences include Michael Jackson and Fallout Boy because of their unique music style. Josh recalls as if it was just yesterday when he and his brother came up with the idea of starting the label and now it has actually become a reality. “I want to send the message across to all the young kids to go ahead and pursue their dream…just do it! Will is power!

JB is currently in his second year of college. He began playing the piano at a young age and as he became older grew a passion for playing the guitar. JB has always had an interest in the arts. He owns an extensive collection of film props and has had an original replica of "Master Chief "for his arsenal of film and video game costumes originally designed. Among his influences are Daft Punk, Evan Halen, Jimmy Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz. “It’s a mix of music and fashion from the Daft Punk ‘space age’ to the Jimmy Hendrix funky styles that these artists have influenced me.”

Both Josh & JB write their own music and sing in the group. Josh takes on the base guitar and JB leads with guitar. The third member Robert Gonzalez “a.k.a” Gonzo, currently in his 1st year of college, also plays guitar in the group and sings back up vocals. Gonzo is of Mexican descent and comes from a musical family background as well. His great uncle played in a Mexican Trio and his grandmother was also a guitar player. JB, Josh and Gonzo all grew up together and are best of friends. His greatest influences he says is JB. “One day my best friend since childhood…J.B…told me that he and his brother were starting a band and he wanted me to pursue it with him…so I did.” “It was perfect timing for me!”

These kids are the sound of the new generation. Their music has a unique sound with a mixture of pop, rock and they have also incorporated a bit of their Latin culture into certain songs on their album. They are not only talented individuals but entrepreneurs of their own kind. They own their record company, TV show and set an amazing example to the kids of today. “We want to be great examples for these kids…we want to show that you don’t have to extort yourself to get what you want.” “We want to help others get into the music, TV and film industry.”

The guys are currently in the studio finishing up their album with such producers as Alicia Champion and Andrew Lane, who won a Billboard Music Award for his production on High School Musical. They are also gearing up for the debut performance at the Latin Billboard Music Award Conference in Miami, Florida where they will be performing in front of all the major media outlets, radio and record label executives.

Their show “The Industry TV Show” is currently airing in the Caribbean on Caribvison television and is due out in the United States on The CBS network in June 2009.

It’s hard to believe that aside from all the work, the boys find time to apply their creative talent also to designing animated characters and comic book creations. Josh & JB have a knack for conceptualizing ideas and putting them to work. They are also accomplished black belt martial artists in Tae Kwon Do, and JB (under the direction of their father- 4th degree martial arts expert) is also a black belt expert in Japanese Katana swordsmanship. JB also was on the path to professional motor cross and both him and Josh are accomplished motor cross riders, and snowboarders and excel in a wide range of sports interests.