Josh Kane

Josh Kane


Melodic, energetic, heartfelt and very lyrical. Dave Matthews meets John Mayer and David Gray. I like to have fun!!


I grew up a child actor on the east coast. I always had music in my life though. At age 6 I began drumming and at age 12 began playing guitar, but I didn't get serious...and I mean, really serious, about my goals as a performer/songwriter until I move to Los Angeles in 2005. Now, I'm working as a drummer in almost half a dozen bands, producing a hip hop record which I'm also emcee'ing on, producing dance music and breakbeats, playing drums with 3 dj's, and performing as a singer/songwriter to promote my own songs and persona as a Solo Artist. My main focus in life is inspiration, and I've found so much of it coming out from behind the drumset and accepting that ME: my voice and my music, have so much to offer the world and I don't want to hide or hold back anymore. So here I am, ready, to pour my heart out to anyone who will listen, and probably even some people who won't. Cheers!


I did a few demo's, but I focus mainly on writing and performing. Recording my music is a priority, but hasn't become the true focus just yet.

Set List

I usually perform for about an hour, and I like to incorporate a lot of interaction with the people to keep their attention on the message of the music. I know a bunch of covers and am working on a lot more to expand my repertoire to everything from sting and John Mayer to the foo fighters and incubus.