Josh Kaplan

Josh Kaplan


One man acoustic rock. Sounds like Jack Johnson, Wilco, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan.


Josh Kaplan started making music in fall of 2006, but didn't actually play a real show until February, 2008.
During this time period, his musical style developed and changed to the point it's at now.
He recently finished work on his debut LP, "Down is the new Up"
He also enjoys describing himself in the third person.


"Down is the new Up" - LP, 2008

Set List

Sets are usually about 30 minutes long.
1. Good Choice (3 minutes)
2. Mr. Brightside (cover) (4:00)
2. Lemmings (2:15)
3. What's Missing (2:30)
4. Fireworks (cover) (5:15)
5. There's Gotta Be (5:15)
6. Hurt (cover) (3:45)
7. This CD (2:45)