Josh Klein

Josh Klein

 Rockville, Maryland, USA

Josh sounds good all on his own, or with 10 band-members behind him. He's an improviser, composer, a soloist and a singer/songwriter all in one.


Josh Klein is a born improviser, with a knack for composition. Formerly founder of musician's collective, Josh Klein & Friends, he has now made a turn towards making more fulfilling music.

In the time with JK&F, Josh and the friends he brought along the way spontaneously composed about 3 discs worth of recorded material, and provided live entertainment many nights in small clubs around Boston.

Now however, Josh spends his set time playing rehearsed, lyrical compositions, many of which are songs written with his rock group, StickBottle.

Josh loves rocking out with his friends from the collective, and can also lay it back for a more intimate environment. Perfect for your sports bar, or for your small cocktail party.



Written By: Josh Klein

She is so punk rock with those long brown locks,
You can't deny that she's got style.
With some band's t-shirt and a smile that hurts,
Cuz when she flashes it she turns into a child.

Its so hard to sing these words out loud,
But I know I need to get them out somehow,

Even if I don't like Anti-Flag,
It makes me insane when you twirl like that
I can't help it, when you're looking at me, you take me to crazytown.

Can we take a trip to a distant place?
When we get there we'll disappear.
We could quit our jobs, we could change our names,
So if anyone comes, they'll never interfere.

I don't want no interruptions
While I follow your instructions.

Even if I don't like......

We can take this place,
We can make it safe,
And we can call it crazytown.
I gave you everything for a ride to crazytown.

Even if I don't like.......


2004: StickBottle Demo

2006: You're Steppin' in what I'm Spillin' (JK&F)

2006: Avant-Funk (JK&F)

2007: Vette (self-titled album w/ pop group, Vette)

2007: Trio (JK&F)

2007: StickBottle (first self-titled album)

Set List

For Josh's solo act, he improvises while also playing original songs that he has written with other groups and on his own. One recent set list looks like this:

1. Dig A Pony
2. Play for Realz
3. Uncle Remus
4. 715
5. Whatever He Wants
6. Wildfire
7. Let's Forget
8. Things We Do
9. Gypsy Woman
10. Forest Fever
11. CrazyTown
12. Sick
13. Song is in your Head

The Josh Klein & Friends setlist is always imporvised, however we can play anywhere from a half hour to about 4 hours with all original music. With a day or two notice, we can also put together some special requests.