Josh Langston

Josh Langston


Josh is a songwriter built in the mold of Chris Robinson(Black Crowes), he blurs the excepted notion of country music. An alt. country rocker with a bold live show, Josh Langston and the Joint Chiefs are a young band definitely on the rise.


Just one listen to Josh Langston and you will realize he's not just another Texas singer-songwriter. Absent are the beer drinking, road tripping, and river floating anthems of his predecessors. Instead you'll get songs about life's struggles and love went wrong.

Influenced early in life by the likes of Hank Williams jr. and Waylon Jennings, Josh found himself back home in Texas after a short college career in Kansas. Upon his return to College Station he was caught up in the Texas music scene that had blossomed while he was gone. Working in the oilfields of south Texas and living in lonely hotel rooms led him to a pawn shop guitar. Within a few months Josh had taught himself to play and began writing his own brand of country music. Local success with his tale of a death row inmate in "Inmate 1928" led Josh to quit his job and pursue a career as a songwriter.

Currently chasing his dreams all across Texas, you can find Josh and his guitar on a barstool offering up an outsiders view into his soul. So just sit back, order yourself up a drink, and enjoy Josh Langston's own take on Texas country music.


Debut album: "Walkin' Away"
Set X Records release "Ashes From Embers"

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