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Torchy Blaine WDVR-FM Sergeantsville, NJ
May 23, 2008 8:43 AM
An outstanding performance at Triumph last night! Just like your visit to my "Guitar Town" show Saturday night, you blew me away.... can't get rid of that gut feeling that you have IT.

Anybody out there who's into Josh's sound --- you ain't heard nothin til you've heard him live! Everybody out there in the NJ NY PA area --- check him out! We've only got him up here a few more days!

And again:
1. Keep it real
2. Do it from your heart
3. Do it on your own terms

Now we gotta get this guy working on another album!

Torchy Blaine
WDVR-FM, Sergeantsville NJ - Torchy Blaine WDVR-FM Sergeantsville, NJ

"Radio-Free Texas"


"Josh Langston has a way of painting a picture with lyrics. Word crafting at it's finest coupled with his unique vocals, there's no doubt he will leave his mark in music history." C. Miller Radio Free Texas
- C. Miller Radio Free Texas

"Live Take Josh Langston"

Article form 11th Hour Magazine April 12-25 2007 Vol 5 Issue 3

Live Take Josh Langston

"See, I made a deal with the Maker," Josh Langston explains, waving off a shot that has found its way to the 550 Blues stage. "Last night I was playing a show in Beaumont, Texas, and today I told God if I made it through the entire flight without puking, I wouldn't drink tonight." Langston lowers his guitar and breaks his deal, tearing into another original tune, his growl, with the dusty resonance of vintage Steve Earle, filling the room.
"Who the hell is Josh Langston?" a friend asked earlier in the week, when I demanded she make it to the show. Like most people in Georgia, she had never heard of the brilliant Texan songwriter who scored four number one hits in his home state last year, had an album resting in the top 10 for almost the entire year, and currently sees a song he wrote riding high into the Texas Music Charts. And get this – right now, he's playing in our backyard.
Langston picks at his acoustic, backed by bassist and Maconite Jason Griffin, and the two exchange smiles and chuckles. My guess is they are debating what song will most throw off the audience next. In a set heavy with originals that a passionate wordsmith would envy, Langston has also covered Bob Seger, Wayne Mills, Bob Marley, and Chris Knight. He starts into the Counting Crows' "Long December."
Between California's dense folk music and Nashville's watered down country, Tornado Alley, U.S.A. has distilled a new movement of song called Red Dirt, featuring such heroes as Robert Earl Keen, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and a host of others you might find on channel 12 of your XM. Josh Langston rode alongside those guys for years before he realized there was a world out there (or here) that had not been exposed to Red Dirt. So Langston shed his backup band, the Joint Chiefs, and brought his Red Dirt to Georgia soil, filled out a new band with Georgians Griffin, Adam Guthrie, and Rich King, and hopes to spread the Dirt across Georgia.
Langston's lyrics wander from "Enough about me girl, how you been?" to "whiskey, weed, and cocaine" as he explains "Everything around me tastes like sin." His sound is pure outlaw, channeling the revolution that Luckenbach begat. The small crowd at 550 (tonight local favorite King of the Juice is a few doors down) negotiates between bar chat, dart board smack, Final Four wagers, and the selection of Langston's covers. A girl at the next table looks back at me and asks, "Did he just say what I think he said?" eyes alit at the colorful original lyrics, and I nod, as Josh and Griff begin to work through another tune. I lean back over to the girl and assure her, "If you think this is badass, you should see the full band show. You'll never go back to CMT after that."

- Cody Oxley 11th hour Magazine


Liberty or Death Sept 2009
Ashes for Embers 2006
Walking Away 2004



Josh Langston
Americana/Folk rock/Country

Josh Langston is a man of “This is who I Am” merit. With his in your face, take it or leave it attitude, he has been on a road of many twists and turns that fly through his music career without a doubt. His voice carries through a room like a tornado with a cause and if you ever have the chance to run him down and hear a show you will be left with no question of who he is, what he stands for, and a hum that will run through your soul like never before, finding yourself with an addiction to the sound wailing from his mic.

Through tough times he has prevailed landing on the Roots Music Report Chart for 43 consecutive weeks, standing 35 weeks in the top 10 with his “Ashes From Embers” album. He co-wrote “Pass me that Bottle” which reached #11 on the Texas Music Chart. Also his song “Take Me Back Home” reached #33 on the same chart. He has been #1 on many request charts such as Radio Free Texas, and his song “Just Cause” can not be extinguished on The Outlaw 92.5 in San Antonio, TX with its fiery comeback in which listeners can’t get enough of. He is on is way to carving his path singing along side of many artist both old school and on the rise, such as Ryan Bingham, Stoney Larue, Billy Joe Shaver, The Great Divide, Wayne Mills, Jason Bolland, Hayes Carll, Charlie Robinson, Lee Brice, and Jamey Johnson. Thus the foundation is set for his musical voyage.

Often being called the Steve Earle of his time; his outlaw tune is not your typical commercial jingle lingering from Nashville. Although he has lived most of his life in Texas, it began in California, moving from state to state with his family as a child eventually finding his way back to Texas time and time again. Raised in a military household; often rejecting too much discipline unfortunately landed him some trouble as a young teen. His stubbornness and independence has taken him to extensive songwriting capabilities today. His well traveled adventures crafted him into the man he is and it appears in his music continuously. He writes about what’s in the heart sometimes good, and other times what we don’t want to admit out loud. His lyrics explode with feelings to tender for most to vocalize. He projects a sense of determination others envy. With the view of “Drive On, forever push forward, do not reflect on moments lost or opportunities passed.” . “Langston’s lyrics wander from “Enough about me girl, how you been?” to “whiskey, weed, and cocaine” as he explains “Everything around me tastes like sin.” His sound is pure outlaw, channeling the revolution that Luckenbach begat” said by author Cody Oxley of the 11th Hour Magazine. And that’s who he is. Often referred to as the new bandit where ever he plants his guitar and bag, he can be found on the couch of many friends and family members trying to make his way through this musical lifestyle that he continues to press on and has been known to wear the soles off his boots.

Working in the oil fields of south Texas gets lonely, and Langston decided to pick up a guitar during time off and nothing has been the same since. His music stands for the everyday working man, lonely hearts, and the whisky drinking part of everyone, that loves music. He has a heart of gold, determined to be heard. Better told by Cara Miller owner of Radio Free Texas "Josh Langston has a way of painting a picture with lyrics. Word crafting at it's finest coupled with his unique vocals...” His razor sharp edge sets him aside from anything your ears can tune into on the radio. With this it’s hard to place him into a distinct musical category. He has Americana sound with a Folk Rock/Country twist JOSH LANGSTON, live it and turn it UP!