Josh Lindsey

Josh Lindsey


Raw, uncompromised worship -- few things in life are more exciting to experience. That's what you get with Josh Lindsey on his debut CD, Take Your Places. You'll find no rock star attitude here; just a young man with a heart for worship that doesn't concern himself with slick, calculated styling.


Everyone remembers first stepping out on their own as adults, free to make their own choices. As we go, we make good choices and bad, all as the process of learning and growing up. But sometimes in the course of our lives, we are forced to make some very difficult choices, even when those closest to us disagree. For Josh Lindsey, he chose a path for himself that went against the wishes of his family and long-standing traditions, and even the denomination in which he grew up, to passionately follow what he feels is God’s will for his life.

Josh was born in Mobile, Alabama to parents Ken and Danette Lindsey. A musical home, his father was in the choir, and his mother was worship leader. His grandfather was also a noted leader in the Church of God denomination in Birmingham. At age 3, Josh’s family moved to Birmingham to be a part of his church there, where they would spend Josh’s formative years. “I remember as a kid spending weekends with him, and watching him prepare for Sunday service,” Josh said. “I remember his heart and passion for God, and how much I admired him. I realize now I’m a lot like him, because all I want to do is pursue God’s will for my life.”

His music skills first came to life when his family returned to Mobile when Josh was thirteen. He and some friends at Oak Park Church of God started a garage band with the intention of not being a Christian band, but simply a band that made great music. They produced a five-song demo and were asked to play at their school’s chapel services. Eventually the band played the main services at Oak Park and several other churches in the area.

In 2000, the band entered a nationwide teen talent contest sponsored by the Church of God, and eventually won the national competition. From there, opportunities began to pour in. Through an associate of their grandfather, they were invited to lead worship at a summer camp in Hawaii. In 2001, Josh was invited back to lead worship and youth at an inner-city church in Honolulu. His first time away from home as an adult, he spent nine months immersed in the local culture, listening mostly to native Hawaiian music. These and other music influences peek through on several tracks on the project.

In May of 2002, Josh returned to Mobile as a grown man. Back home, he spent a lot of time praying and meditating on his spiritual life and forming his own opinions of what he wanted out of life — and out of his church. Despite the great example of his grandfather and his family, he had observed things in church throughout his childhood that didn’t seem to line up with the Word. “I remember going to chapel and it seemed like some of my friends were getting saved every week,” he recalled. “And guys who had been radically changed, I’d see them again a few months later, and they were right back to their old ways. I thought, ‘that can’t be the way God intended it to be.’” The politics and the hypocrisy of the behavior of some of the adults also didn’t set right with him. “I remember we had a church vote on who would be pastor, and I thought, ‘if a man is anointed of God to lead a congregation, how can he be voted out?’”

As a songwriter and a heart to lead worship, he was also concerned by a lack of progressive thinking. “We heard the same old songs, the same old messages year after year,” Josh said. “I thought ‘if the word of God is living and ever changing, shouldn’t there be new revelation? And shouldn’t there be new music to express this revelation?’”

His high school girlfriend, Lauri Higgins, was Josh’s spiritual connection that would eventually lead him to his new church home, The Rock of Mobile. After getting married in 2003, Josh would often talk at length with his new father-in-law, pastor Lamar Higgins. The conversation often centered around his confusion with what he observed in church over the years. Lamar began to share with him about a new kind of church he was friends with: The Rock of Mobile. “He told me they didn’t do things like normal churches do,” Josh said. “He shared with me about their senior pastor, Aaron Smith, and and his vision for music and ministry.” A few weeks later, Josh had dinner with Ronny Laird, one of the Rock’s music team members, who shared with him about the vision of RPJ Christian Arts Group, the church’s arts ministry.

Josh left the meeting with Ronny energized by what he heard, but also in conflict with his family. Leaving such a long-standing and honorable denomination as the Church of God didn’t come lightly to Josh. Obviously, he and his family had a rich history in the Church of God, and his parents didn’t want to see him leave that behind on some spiritual whim. “They challenged me for a long time about what I was feeling, even after we made the move,” Josh recalls. “They wanted to be sure it wasn’t just me, but that God was leading me in this direction.”

After many months of prayer and consideration, Josh and his wife decided to start attending The Rock. Now nearly a y


New Man

Written By: Josh Lindsey

Vs 1
That old man is at my door again
Why won't he just leave me alone
He's trying to remind me of what I used to be
And everything I ever did wrong
I used to think he was my friend
Me and that old man, oh the good times that we had
But was only for a time
Cause he left me hanging dry
And when trouble came he was nowhere to be found

But there's a new man
And with these new eyes
I don't recognize the man that's at my door
'Cause Father told me I was free and finally I believe
That the things He said He said to me

Vs 2
The conversations that we had, me and that old man
Yeah, I buried them
And the hat he used to wear that covered all his fear
Well I took it off and threw it down
And I walked away from him

He said son, son, son, you are free
You are free, free indeed


Written By: Josh Lindsey

Vs 1
Live, live in the day
Believe in the promise
If this world will change it will come through us
We are the sons
We are the children of our God

Vs 2
Look, look for the seed
Tend to the garden
If this word will grow it will grow in us
We are the sons
We are the children of our God

So respond, Let the earth rejoice
We're judging darkness
Nothing can stop us because of the Father's Word
So respond, we have found our place
Sent into purpose, we are relentless
We expect nothing less than response

Vs 3
Walk, walk in the Spirit
Stay in communion
If this world will hear it will come through us
We are the sons
We are the children of our God

Prophesy sons
The world has been waiting for you and me

Light The Skies

Written By: Josh Lindsey

Vs 1
Wave your hands from side to side
If you're feeling the groove
Go on stand up on your feet
And start to move
'Cause we all have one mind, we all have one heart
We have come here to worship the Lord

He lights the skies and fills the seas
And draws the mountains to the heavens
When I think of all He does for me
It stirs my heart to praise Him

Vs 2
Let me hear you testify about all that He's done
Can I get a right on because you know He's good
We all have one mind, we all have one heart
We have come here to worship the Lord

Vs 3
Everybody lean right, everybody lean left
Now two times and spin


CD: Take Your Places
Single "New Man" receiving airplay on numerous online streaming and podcasting sites.

Set List

Stage: 30x24 minimum
- Minimum 24 channel console with 6 auxes
- 5 monitor mixes, at least two with 15' woofers
- 1 power outlet for each player
- Minimum 16 PAR cans, motion lights recommended but not required.
- Band to supply backline; venue to provide lights and PA.