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“Hope to see you next year at WU!”
“I hope your tour is going good with RP. I want you guys back next year. (I already told Boyd you guys will come back or I will wreak havoc!) Stay cool!” - Candice (Georgetown, SC)

“Hey Josh, I miss listening to your music and talking to you! You are so cool! Well, TTYL!” - Shayna (Benton, WI)

“I think it was you … you played at CAP University Wednesday night. You were awesome!” - Andrea (Waverly, OH)

“So, you’re pretty rockin’! Winthrop loves you! Congrats on your NACA showcase! DSU love!!!” - Jenna (Rockhill, SC)

“You did an awesome job and the campus is already excited about next year's show ... if you'll have us, that is. :)”
“It is quite impossible to keep socks on in your presence! You were phenomenal this weekend and the WU is so proud of you!” - Erika (Rockhill, SC)

“I think how it goes is … you F’in rock! You should play with me sometime … just once as I do not want to be a band thief, but it would be cool!” - Anna (The Compound, MA)

“Congrats Bro and good luck with the tour!! You are a great musician and a great guy, we will definitely see you when you get back!” - Brian (Dieseled Productions/SCORZ – Nashua, NH)

“Hey JOSH ... It was great to meet you and be able to hang out with you. Maybe I will get to see you again sometime! You were awesome! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Thanks for hanging out with us at the bar it was an awesome time!” - Kim (Trumansburg, NY)

“Yay!! I found u! Thanks again for comin to Albright. I hope the whole music thing works out cuz I don't see a lot of people with that much soul in their voice. Keep it up!” - Kira (Reading, NY)

“Just wanted to say hey, and that you were awesome.” - Heather (Reading, PA)

“Just wanted to say thank you for Saturday night! I enjoyed my first show ALOT! BTW, Your CD is awesome, I love it!”
“Hey Josh – I’ve got a bunch of my friends hooked on your cd, when I see you next month in IL I will have to get a couple for them. Can’t wait to see you! - Aimee (Pewaukee, WI)

“Florida loved you. People were raving about you after the show at Stetson. I don't normally here that for openers. You were awesome, love the cd as well!”
“Josh, you were amazing last night in TN! I barely know you, but damn I'm proud of you. The crowd loved it. CONGRATS!!! Can't wait for the acoustic album....Stetson wishes you the best!” - Kristin (Deland, FL)

“I saw you perform last night with Recycled Percussion at BGSU. You did so well. Your voice is so real and textured unlike most of the 'produced' stars of today, so I just thought a compliment couldn't hurt. Good luck in your ventures!” - Mandie (Bowling Green, OH)

“I know I've told you this like 80 times already, but congratulations on your first NACA and your first showcase. You totally rocked the place and in all honesty I wouldn't have wanted anyone else up there on the stage. I see great things in your future. Just don't forget where it all started! Winthrop will always love you, Josh! Hope you come back soon!” - Raspberry Red (Rockhill, SC)

“You were awesome at the Albright show!” -Beachy (Brick, NJ)

“You totally rocked at Winthrop - we especially loved the cover of Tupac's "California Love" *High five from Boyd & the board* - Boyd @ DSU (Rockhill, SC)
- College Crowds


Josh Logan released his Self-Titled Debut CD on December 10th, 2004. Songs are receiving regular airplay on SpiderBite, most recently added to rotation on WFNX, and have been spotlighted on Rock 101 and WHEB.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Gripping vocals, shredding lyrics and a riveting blend of funk and rock are the meat and potatoes of Josh Logan’s debut effort.

A fresh and innovative style is the core of Josh’s music. Drawing on influences from Stevie Wonder to Layne Staley of Alice In Chains, to G-Love & Special Sauce, to the Red Hot Chili Peppers - Josh Logan & Nobody’s Business will leave emo fans shaking, rappers with their jaws on the floor, housewives quivering, and alterna-kids feeling hip for a second or two. Josh Logan is as pure and emotional as it gets.

With deep melodies and introspective lyrics, along with Logan’s powerful and edgy vocals and infectious guitar grooves, Josh Logan is a cross-genre musical experience appealing to indie, R&B, soul, funk, rock, and pop fans alike.

To put it another way, Josh Logan takes you on a musical journey that meshes the power of Rock and Roll with the almighty funk that has been bestowed upon us from the likes of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic – but with soulful lyrics reminiscent of the late Tupac Shakur. The hook-laden material is expressed through an excellent production that jumps from the speakers and pulls listeners into the album from the first note.

There is no mistaking the soulful and expressive lyrics delivered through Josh’s stunning voice. You will find the musicianship throughout the album to be equally as talented.

Here is an album that hooks the listener from note #1 and refuses to let go. The soul that emanates from the vocal performance will immediately command listeners to take note. This is the album you will crave to give you a fresh perspective on today’s popular music. This is New England’s finest - Josh Logan.